Athena – Ready for the Sun Part 1 CD Review

Athena – Ready for the Sun CD

You Bring Me Luck is a perfectly-polished bit of pop that has a timeless feel to it; Athena is able to showcase tremendous amounts of personality with a backing instrumentation that is that the top of their game. Everything to Me has hints of alternative rock interspersed through it, with Athena’s vocals pulling double duty in both weaving the narrative as well as contributing to the lush instrumentation of the track.


Stronger is one of the more delicate compositions on this EP, eliciting comparisons to Sara Bareilles and Yael Naim. The deliberate tack taken here is different from that heard on preceding efforts, showcasing a depth to Athena’s music that is unparalleled in the singer-songwriter genre. The track is topped with a cherry with a rising action and clap response that is particularly delectable.

The whistling that begins Autopilot stands out as another bold step taken; after listeners’ attentions are brought to the composition, a slinkier and more sultry set of vocals succeed by a refreshing of the bold path blazed by performers like Natalie Cole and Sixpence None The Richer.

All of You is the final part of this EP, providing fans with a rare look into the raw emotion and power of Athena. Little more is needed during this track than a piano to lay down the lightest of trappings upon which Athena can weave a tale as rich as anything crafted by Leonard Cohen or Martha Wainwright. The first part of Athena’s Ready for the Sun is out on May 17th; if you are a fan of classically talented musicians that are able to continually challenge and innovate on their releases, pick up this recording.

Top Tracks: You Bring Me Luck, Everything to Me

Rating: 8.3/10

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