Up the Chain – The Prison Break

Philly’s Up The Chain self-describe their sound as “Neighbor Rock.” I honestly have no idea what in the fuck that term means, but if their latest, “The Prison Break,” is any hint, I’m already huge fan of the genre.

Up the Chain – The Prison Break

On this latest album, the band – once a solo project, now a proper four-piece outfit – mixes tight harmonies and swirling guitars and with smart pop, bringing to mind everyone from Beck and Ben Folds to Kris Kristofferson (that latest was pointed out to me in their press materials and now I can’t help but hear it songs like “Departed Trains” or “Start of a Ghost”).

Unfolding across a dozen tracks, their sound is stirringly unique, managing to slip in and out of different musical classes somehow coming off both reassuringly classic and refreshingly new.

Despite being a relatively young band, they have already toured Europe twice and will likely be headed back again to christen these news songs. Though their sound is not easy to define, it’s just as hard to ignore.

Up the Chain – The Prison Break/10 tracks/Self-Released/2016 / http://www.upthechain.com/ / https://www.facebook.com/UptheChain/

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