The Refusers – Born To Rock

Born To Rock starts with an expansive rock sound that takes up hints of Neil Young, Rush, and Genesis. Intense guitar work during this opening track opens up into an epic track in Wake Up America. The narrative that is created on this effort is delectable, telling listeners more over the course of 270 seconds that many bands can do over the course of a full-length album. Bits of Pink Floyd and Dire Straits can be discerned here. The different sections of this track seem to be separate from one another, but the talent exhibited by the band members are more than enough to make the resulting effort comprehensive as all get out.The Refusers – Born To Rock

Hang the Bankers starts with a blend of psychedelic rock and mid-1970s Detroit rock (Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper) with just enough of a spiteful (e.g. Johnny Rotten) sound to the vocals to really hammer the titular point home. Go Back To Sleep is the first song on the second half of Born To Rock, and it occupies a space wholly different from the tracks up to that point. The twinkling instrumentation is reminiscent of Mott the Hoople and Deep Purple. Professor Friedman’s Floating Money Contraption is a high-water mark for the Born to Rock EP as it allows the different band members ample time to create some of the most musically intense compositions heard on the release. When the vocals kick back in (a hair before the three-minute mark), there is an energy that cannot be denied. Information Junkie is the final track on this release, a stripped-down track that links together the styles of Styx and ELO while updating the overall sound into something current and necessary for this era.

Top Tracks: Go Back To Sleep, Professor Friedman’s Floating Money Contraption

Rating: 8.9/10

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