Tiffin’s Alternate Ending

Alternate Ending

Alternate Ending is an act from Tiffin, Ohio that is actively working on the creation of their new album. We had a few minutes to talk with Matt (guitars), Jake (bass and vocals), Dustin (lead vocals), and Jayson (drums) and get a brief insight into a band that is ready to break it big.Alternate Ending

Riverside is a track that has a dark and introspective style that has melodies building off of the work of Pearl Jam and Saliva. Little more is needed during this track than a set of vocals and a guitar. The richness of the narrative strikes listeners to their cores, while there is enough in the way of story told by the instrumentation that fans will have to play each track a number of times before hearing each and every turn that has been placed within.

When Alternate Ending tries their hand on The Who’s classic Baba O’Riley, there is a particular reverence o the original source material. However much the nucleus of the original track remains, there is the inimitable spirit of the band that peaks through at points. Of particular note during this cover has to be the punch drum work and supersonic vocals, which combine with a wall of guitar riffs to make something that will bounce around listeners’ ears for a while after the song has ceased to play. A second cover (“Helter Skelter”) is given an entirely new lease on life. The tortured intensity of the vocals lay out on the top of the track, while the one-two of the drums and vocals create a thick and meaty backdrop.

For those individuals that are in the Tiffin or Port Clinton areas, Alternate Ending has a pretty busy summer. Check out their tour dates below. Give their main website or Facebook a look on the regular to keep abreast of information about the band’s new album and any further opportunities to see them live. It is going to be interesting to hear polished versions of some of the efforts that were teased by the band in 2015; the wide variety of approaches and styles that they broach in one four-minute teaser video will keep fans firmly on the edges of their seats until the new release is dropped.

Tour Dates

April 16th Petes Cafe New Washington

May 7th Tiro Testicle Festival

May 21st Docks Beachouse Port Clinton

June 10th Hatchery festival New Wash.

June 18th Green Springs fireman’s fest

June 18th The Bait House Port Clinton

July 9th Docks Beachouse Port Clinton

September 3rd Biller Bash

November 26th Bears Den Tiffin

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