Charlie Funk “Give Me A Groove” EP Review

Charlie Funk "Give Me A Groove" EP Review

Give Me A Groove is an eclectic track that will immediately get up people on the dance store. Hints of funk, soul, and dance all vie for dominance. A sizzling guitar line ties the disparate elements together, establishing high momentum as listeners move into Sexy Cutie. Sexy Cutie builds on a timeless base (hints of Isaac Hayes and James Brown) while establishing a dense instrumentation replete with horns and ropy bass lines. Subsequent listens will need to be had before one can pick out each inclusion that Charlie Funk has placed deep into the soul of the single.

It’s Not A Joke (Feat. Amp Fiddler) has nice separation between the vocals, bass, and horns; this crispness makes for a sultry, sexy effort that will tattoo its melodies deep into the minds and psyches of listeners. The track works well no matter whether one finds themselves a bigger fan of music from the 70s, 90s, or today; it thrives on the passion of all playing within the near-four minute composition.

Lunch In Babylon (Feat. Mike Hampton & Marla Mase) has a considerably different sound to it, adding equal parts reggae and hard rock into the mix. What results is an intense track that will have fans listening on to every note that follows. It’s Not Unusual is a cover of the Tom Jones sound, giving the effort a more “cool” and laid-back sound; the classic is given a new lease on life as everyone gives it their all. A remix of Sexy Cutie (Touchy Feely Remix) concludes the Give Me A Groove EP, showcasing a considerably different vision for the single. Its presence at the end of the track provides an emphatic ending to a solid release.

Top Tracks: Sexy Cutie (Touchy Feely Remix), Give Me A Groove

Rating: 8.3/10

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