The Magic Lightnin’ Boys are “Stealin’ Thunder”

The Magic Lightnin' Boys "Stealin' Thunder" CD Review

Bones immediately sets the stage for the rest of Stealin’ Thunder. This blues feels sunbaked and straight from the bayou. Soulful vocals, intelligent instrumentation, and a band that is working as a cohesive unit immediately will draw together fans of rock, country, and blues-rock.

Before The Storm tells more of a story with an instrumental composition than many acts can do with a fully-formed blend of vocal and instrumental efforts. The Magic Lightnin’ Boys are able to establish a narrative and a rich environmental sound that dovetails nicely into April Rain. The track has a very unified feel but a more intimate listen will showcase the sheer level of technical ability that has went into coordinating each element into creating such a cogent statement. The band’s skillful use of freeform elements makes this into another strong effort.

Fear & Freedom is a stripped-down rock track that has the band takes up the standards of Led Zeppelin and Audioslave. Splashy drums and intense vocals allow sizzling guitar lines and ropy bass riffs ample opportunity to shine.The Cleansing slows things down considerably; The Magic Lightnin’ Boys are able to caress listeners’ ears with a more contemplative and down-home sound. While each band member feels as if they are doing their own thing, there is considerable beauty here as the act creates another must-listen.

Rubber Side Down is a mash-up of Molly Hatchet and Hank Williams, all while a funkified bass line ensure that the track stands out from the pack. Bondo’s Ballad and N2U conclude Stealin’ Thunder with two distinct approaches. The calmer style of the former gives the latter, a rough and tumble guitar-lead composition proper highlighting. A great album from beginning to end.

Top Tracks: Fear & Freedom, Rubber Side Down

Rating: 8.7/10

The Magic Lightnin’ Boys “Stealin’ Thunder” CD Review / 2016 Self / 13 Tracks / /

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