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Alok Pathak

Alok Pathak starts out his latest album Butterfly with Johnny, a rock track that takes equal amounts of 1990s alternatives and the pop-rock of the 1960s and 1970s for influences. A lush instrumentation and epic sound to the introductory track means that listeners will be on the edges of their seats. Where Do U Belong slows things down and showcases the technical skill of Pathak’s playing. The emotion in each guitar strum sets the stage well as Alok’s vocals begins. Hints of Matchbox 20, Filter, and Stephen Curtis Chapman can be discerned here, as well as bits of the early-oughts emo scene (Taking Back Sunday, American Idiot-era Green Day). Another radio-ready track, Where Do U Belong showcases a wholly different side to Alok.Wo Mera Hai keeps things interesting. The track takes up hints of Chris Isaak and melts the influence flawlessly into an Asian pop/rock format. The bit of horns that can be heard at the back of the track is interesting, bringing just a bit of a 1960’s style into the mix. Ek Sitara slows things down considerably, allowing Alok’s vocals to shine magnificently over the effort. Each note here feels deliberate, giving listeners a chance to catch their breath as the EP moves on.

Kuch Ansuni Kahi Si flips the approach taken during Ek Sitara, purely showcasing Alok’s musical ability. Few albums are able to provide listeners with a full story about their performers, but Butterfly is one of those rare releases that come with so many twists and turns that a listeners will ultimately feel closer to Alok than they were before putting the release on. Check out his SoundCloud for additional songs and information about this Singapore-based performer.

Top Tracks: Wo Mera Hai, Where Do U Belong, Kuch Ansuni Kahi Si

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