We The Wild – From the Cities We Fled

We The Wild - From the Cities We Fled

Still Asunder is the introductory effort on We The Wild’s newest album From the Cities We Fled, an effort that immediately ensures that listeners take notice. With equal amounts metalcore, emotive rock, and impassioned punk, We The Wild is able to kick ass and take names. The band keeps the momentum high with Exodus and Decay. The track soars on multiple vocals, intense guitar work, and chugging drums that resound loudly in listeners’ minds and hearts long after the track ceases to play.

The titular track from From the Cities We Fled sets the stage with a deliberate sound. The band’s laser-like focus during the beginning of the track provides ample highlighting for when the guitar is given a dominant place front and center. Roxy, The Cops Are Here! is another mid-album highlight for We The Wild, providing listeners with a front-forward blend of guitars, drums, and vocals that alternate between contributing to the overall harmony of the track and absolutely tearing it up. Nothing Can Stop Us Now is bar-none our favorite track on From the Cities We Fled. We the Wild is able to create something that could work just as well on Nitro Records in the late-nineties, A-F records in the oughts, or Equal Vision; the clear production of the track, considerable variation in the music, and sparkling vocals make this a hit.

King of Wounds is the perfect counterpoint for Nothing Can Stop Us Now. The slower tempo of the cut allows for a more emotionally intense side of We the Wild to shine. The vocals and instrumentation here mesh to tell a story that all can understand; sometimes all that one can do is scream. A solid album from beginning to end.

Top Tracks: Nothing Can Stop Us Now, Roxy, The Cops Are Here!

We The Wild – From the Cities We Fled / 2016 / https://www.facebook.com/wethewild / http://wethewildpdx.com/

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