Electra Day “Quiet Hours”

Electra Day "Quiet Hours"

Big Sky is a powerful track in the vein of Joni Mitchell or Sarah McLachlan. There is little more to this introductory effort than Electra’s vocals and guitar work. Taken together, these two elements make for a track that will resound loudly in the hearts of anyone fortunate enough to listen in.

Falcon’s Gaze furthers the initial sounds broached on Big Sky, but adds a bit of remembrance and wistful feelings into the mix. The rich timbre of Day’s vocals represent a cogent thread to Quiet Hours that continues into
Not Against It or For. Not Against It or For  starts off with a beautiful guitar interlude before Electra’s vocals come with a harried approach. The subtle shift in her voice imbues the single with a certain momentum that is used to great effect as Quiet Hours continues to spin.

From Boulder to Oblivia is unparalleled on Quiet Hours as it has a rich narrative that matches well the guitar laid behind it. Romance of the Stars is a late-album track that adds considerably to the overall sound of Quiet Hours; the deliberate, strongly-strummed guitar work that punctuates this track adds further gravity and depth to the album. Old Blind Couple is the concluding effort on Electra Day’s Quiet Hours; on this effort, Day is able to create a guitar line that matches well the story that she is telling. The effort closes this release gradually, providing a soft and sedate ending to an album that invites fans to look deep into Day’s unique story. Each song contributes a little bit more; one is left better knowing this performer. We’re sure there’s more of a story to tell on a subsequent album, though.

Top Tracks: From Boulder to Oblivia, Not Against It or For
Rating: 8.0/10

Electra Day “Quiet Hours” / 2016 Self / 9 Tracks / http://www.electraday.com/ / https://electraday.bandcamp.com/album/quiet-hours

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