Magnetic Ghost – Loss Molecules LP

Magnetic Ghost - Loss Molecules LP

Magnetic Ghost create a powerful form of indie / noise / drone rock with Vanish / Vanishing, the first effort off of their November album “Loss Molecules”. The track builds up a disturbing and haunting fuzz that is further bolstered through smart use of repetition and haunting, ethereal vocals. Fuzz is used to provide further ambiance to the opening track; by the time that Vanish / Vanishing completes, listeners will be firmly on the edges of their seats.

Grand Canyon is a track that begins with Magnetic Ghost’s approximation of indie-folk before moving into a more experimental sound. The arrangements benefit from a road map laid down by Magnetic Ghost – there seems to be an overarching goal that each guitar line and vocal contributes to.

Sleeping is Believing is a high-water mark on the Loss Molecules LP. Everything is immediately ratcheted up to 10; the distortion fights with angelic vocals for dominance. While there is considerable dissonance to this track, the skilled hand of Magnetic Ghost is such that an engrossing effort is the end result. The journey which listeners will be taken is tremendously engaging. While the effort is twice the length of many radio tracks, listeners will be surprised at how quickly the track goes by. There are so many nooks and crannies to this composition that fans will have to play the track multiple times before hearing everything that is presented. Total Eclipse Of The Sun is the concluding effort on the Loss Molecules EP, a track that feels miles away from the rest of the fare on the album. There is a carnival-esque sound that is achieved here, an otherworldly sound that is a must-listen because of the vocal crooning and Spartan guitar work that comprises the background of the track.

Magnetic Ghost’s Loss Molecules LP is out in November.

Top Tracks: Sleeping is Believing, Grand Canyon, Total Eclipse Of The Sun

Rating: 8.2/10

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