Secret Habits of a Successful Gambler

Not many make a profession out of gambling but here are three key tips if you want to beat the trend and make a living from your hobby:

Lay the Favourite

Has that 1/10 ‘dead cert’ ever let your accumulator down in the past?  Did that football team with odds of 1/4 concede a last-minute equaliser?  Or the odds-on horse fall at the first hurdle?  For the potential returns of backing a favourite or dead cert it’s just not worth it.  In fact, if you think of all the times they’ve let you down, if only you had have laid them you would have more than doubled your money, if not, substantially more.


One thing many professional gamblers will advise is to lay the favourite.  After all, the bookmakers rely on the favourites losing to make their money – so why not play their game and make some money yourself?


There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the odd gamble down at the casino or at your look bookmakers to make some extra cash or just to prove to your friends you know what you’re talking about.

Just make sure you know what you’re betting on and don’t get too carried away even if you’re on a winning streak.  A successful gambler knows what to bet on and when to stop.  And they certainly don’t go chasing losses by betting on events they have no knowledge of just because the odds look good.

To make sure you have money to play with from the beginning it’s worth checking out the best casino deals and free bets so that you’re in the green before you start risking your own money.

Record Keeping

If you’re serious about becoming a pro then record keeping is a must.  How much are you up?  How much are you down?  Which sport or casino are you winning on the most?

If you know where you’re losing you can stop or make adjustments.  Likewise, if you know where you’re winning you can make efforts to make the winnings bigger in this area.

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Author: James McQuiston

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