The Slang – Night and Day EP

Ballad Of Everything is a confident, polished indie-pop song that gradually opens up into something that is instrumentally complex. The swirling eddies of guitars, splashy drums, and richly emotive bass lines that confront listeners during this introduction to the Night and Day EP will capture fans’ hearts and minds. Breakthrough is a tremendously catchy effort. The dusty vocals of The Killers  and the Goo Goo Dolls can be heard here, but the wall of sound that immediately precedes the chorus is a work of beauty. With so many high points on the Night and Day EP, listeners will have to spin the release multiple times before hearing the full vision as The Slang has intended.

Miracle Sound begins with a slower tempo than the first tracks on the EP; the more tempered sound on this composition is great to get a different take on the band. I feel that the band’s musicianship during Miracle Sound is unparalleled on this EP; everything fits in its place and creates a track that is decidedly greater than the sum of its constituent parts.

Remember to Forget is the final track on the Night and Day EP. The introspective sound of this track is beautiful. Instrumental and vocal sides of The Slang work together to make a timeless track. Strings rise and swell, while the dichotomy between traditional and contemporary is used for a delicious bit of dynamic tension. As the band continues along the track, the slight uptick in the tempo pulls on listeners’ heartstrings and creates an intense urge in fans for more music from The Slang. One can only hope that the band is able to follow up the Night and Day EP with a full-length that continues the same careful and emotionally dense approach.

Top Tracks: Remember to Forget, Ballad Of Everything

Rating: 8.6/10

The Slang – Night and Day EP / 2016 Self Released / 5 Tracks /

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