5 Things to Consider Before Relocating to NoHo

Once you have reached a certain level in the professional world you want to walk the walk and talk the talk. This typically means you want to relocate to a fashionable neighborhood that is all about status. NoHo in Manhattan is one of those neighborhoods and one that you can count on being viewed as a power player. It is a historic area of Manhattan that is considered to be upper upper-middle class and as a result, it is an area of Manhattan that many people seek to relocate to. However, there are some things you should consider before relocating to NoHo.


NoHo is a relatively small area of Manhattan that has recently become ‘gentrified.’ This means that it is an upper class neighborhood that is expensive to live in and if you don’t make better than a six figure income, you can count it out. With galleries and ‘artsy’ things to do in the area, you can probably expect to go outside your neighborhood for entertainment unless you are looking to dine in one of the delectable 5 star restaurants that have price tags to match the cuisine.

Historical Designations

Actually, the 125 buildings that comprise NoHo are all designated as historic and as such, there is little you can do to alter the physical location of your dwelling. It is protected and preserved and if you have any hope of getting along with your neighbors (or government for that matter!) you had better love what you are seeing before you move in. In NoHo, what you see is what you get. Period.

Availability of Subway Stations

This may not be too great a problem for you as the neighborhood is quite small, consisting only of those 125 historic buildings, but since parking is limited, you need to know that you will most often take the train to and from the office daily. There are only 2 subway stations in NoHo, but as it’s a small area, they should be within walking distance. It may get cold in the winter but it is a small price to pay for living in one of the ‘elite’ areas of the world.

Putting on the Ritz

Speaking of elite, if you move to NoHo, be ready to put on the Ritz as the old saying goes. If you haven’t already developed the ‘airs of the gentry’ it’s time you learned. This is an area where upper class folks do tend to get a bit snobbish but when building a fortune as they have, they are probably entitled to rub it in a bit!

You Can’t Bring Your Scripts with You

Now then, if you are moving from New Jersey or Connecticut you might want to think carefully about bringing those fashionable cannabis scripts or pouches of pot along with you. Medical marijuana is not yet legal in New York State and although activists are busy trying to get legislation to pass, it is not a done deal so there is no access to doctors writing scripts. In other states you can simply check a medical marijuana doctor locator, but not yet in New York. If tempted to bring your supply along with you to NoHo, check out the laws in case you should get caught.

So there you have it, the ups and downs of relocating to NoHo. Most of this was in good fun because really, it’s a great place to live if you’d like to be surrounded by elegance in a historical setting.

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