Albums of the Year 2016


2016 has been an incredible year for new music. As the year starts to come to an end, here are a few different albums from that you can expect to be frontrunners for Best Album of the Year.


The 1975I Like it When You Sleep, For You Are so Beautiful Yet so Unaware of itsdfdsf

The 2nd full length album by the UK pop act clocks in at an hour and fourteen minutes. It is a tremendous effort with very concise songs and a range of emotions. If you are unfamiliar with The 1975’s music, it ranges from down-tempo, ambient tunes to feel good, upbeat singalongs, all while channeling a 1980s vibe. This album is a perfect balance of both styles.

Against Me!Shape Shift with Measdfgasf

The newest album from the Florida punk rockers is a pure gem. It’s aggressive, romantic, and affirmative. Against Me! seems to adjust their sound a little bit with each album they write, yet still hold on to the punk rock sensibility that people know and love. “Crash” best exemplifies this statement. Musically, you think it is a new Strokes song, but once you fully listen to it, the song fits right in to Against Me’s repertoire.


Drake has the formula down. You know a Drake song when you hear it. He’s got a unique talent for harmony, rhythm, and rhyme. His downbeat, autobiographical tunes chill you out and, his new album “Views” is no different. “One Dance” and “Hotline Bling” are obvious hits, but with 20 total songs there is a lot to go around.


RadioheadA Moon Shaped Poolasfeadser

Whenever Radiohead puts out music, it is just kind of assumed that it will be nominated for Album of the Year. From opening track, “Burn the Witch,” to closer, “True Love Waits,” you might be left wondering if you just listened to an orchestra or a rock band. Thom Yorke’s vocals never disappoint, and the music is just as much introspective as it is captivating.


Everyone loves Beyonce. No need to argue. It’s a fact. On “Lemonade”, her most daring effort to date, she tackles complex concepts and themes like family, religion, and feminism. Her lyrics are a bit more personal and edgy on this, which is nice. She in also one of the best touring artists in the world. On Lemonade you hear a different note in her voice. She definitely sets the bar high, and it would be no surprise if it was everyone’s album of the year.


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