Pola Bair “No Chasers”

Pola Bair "No Chasers"

Pola Bair’s No Chasers comes forth with hard-hitting backing instrumentation and a raw flow. The track builds off of trap and Hypnotize Minds cuts, while the front-forward rap flow stands in bold contrast to the twinkling, electronic-tinged beat. Pola Bair builds off of the tradition of Tyler The Creator and Riff Raff while imbuing No Chasers with a sharp edge. The track’s front-forward sound will keep listeners firmly focused in from the first syllable until the concluding note. No Chasers comes forth bold, brash, and will impress with Pola Bair’s unique take on rap.

Pola Bair “No Chasers” / 2016 Self Released /  http://www.facebook.com/WhereDaBair/

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