5 reasons to keep yourself up to the cultural life

There is no the most accurate answer to the question “what is culture” because it has various interpretations in other fields. In most occasions “culture’ is a part of human activity that deals with self-expression. A person reflects himself in a culture. People created phenomena and objects that refer to cultural heritage and transmitted them through centuries. Every nation has its own beliefs and customs, that is why they have different cultural features.

Currently, more and more people begin to be interested in cultural awareness. It refers to the ability to switch your mind to new way of thinking and experiencing, to appreciate and maintain the various cultural values and customs of countries all over the world. It is important to be aware of general cultural tendencies to be a conscious member of your community. The same necessity is in awareness of international features because some of them are normal and acceptable to us, but other may appear unusual or contradict to our views.

We live and meet people, communicate to them and we exchange some information with each other. They share their culture with us. And we won`t get along with them it if we have a vague vision and poor knowledge about their beliefs and customs. It is as important as to be up on the news nowadays.

These are general reasons of why we should keep ourself to cultural life. The following reasons are more accurate according to the sphere of the culture they refer to.

  1. To be healthy

It is essential to be aware of physical culture. The aim of this culture is to strengthen and maintain health, develop skills of a person and improve his activity. Physical culture is a sphere that becomes more popular today. A healthy lifestyle is cultivated frequently nowadays. However, physical culture is not only about gaining muscles. It is about a development of person and improvement of his activity. At the same time, it is a combination of knowledge, rules, and values that were created during the development of a human.

Physical culture is a part of a society that includes a long experience of physiological, moral, psychic development. People must be aware of its basic features because from it depends on their well-being. We use physical culture knowledge every day and at every life stage. For example, we must keep to hygienic rules to avoid different infections. Another example is to avoid eating spicy food and drink alcohol to prevent yourself from liver diseases. It is a part of physical culture. No matter what your profession is, a plumber or a professional essay writer, the rules of healthy life are the same for everybody. Taking into account the current peak of a healthy lifestyle, if you are not up to modern culture of health, you will not be able to keep most conversations with people from society.


  1. To develop your inner world

The culture of a spirit is an abstract notion that relates to the whole humanity. All things that a person learns build his inner world. After the years during the humanity exists people have enriched spiritual culture with an array of experiences and values. This kind of culture embraces forms of community consciousness (art, science, morality, law, religion, ideology). A cultured person is the one who has a knowledge and personal opinion in these fields.

Culture and society are systems that are very close to each other. It is important to obtain personal values of the culture you belong and from other cultures too. The cultural background is an essential part of a personality. It gives an explanation of people’s actions in the world. All cultural values in the world are connected somehow.

They are different for all people, depending on the environment. Every person carries this culture because they are a part of the certain community. Every society member behaves according to actions he had observed in that particular social group. So, if you want to belong a certain community, the awareness of cultural values and developed inner world is a must.

  1. To discover new perspectives at work

Cultural awareness important for business success. Every company consists of people from different nations with different arrays of cultural values. A successful company is those where people are in good relationship with each other. To reach this, their cultural values must not contradict to each other. It is important for the boss and his employees to take into account the cultural sensitivity of every worker.

People who are aware of cultural values and are tolerant to views of others can prevent conflict situations with other colleagues and customers. Culturally aware collective is more likely to sustain a successful and fruitful cooperation. In such a way a company will be able to handle international relations with respect and understanding. It can lead to impressive results in effective cross-cultural management and successful business dealings.

During intercultural contacts appears a great gap between the perception of the same values between representatives of different cultures. However, there are universal features that are accepted in every culture. For example, there is a negative attitude to murder and violence in cultures of every nation. The universal character of such values and attitudes is based on biological nature of a person.

  1. To be a part of the community

From the early childhood, every kid acquires native language and digest the culture that he belongs. It happens under the influence of his environment. He gains habits and traditions from people that surround him, and become a part of this surrounding. Every person has a natural need to belong somewhere, so to reach this aim he must be aware of cultural peculiarities of the community he wants to be a part of.

There is another kind of culture that is common for the most of the people. It is mass or pop culture. Its content depends on needs of society and is a part of national culture. People also call mass culture “mainstream”. This notion includes entertainments, music, sport, visual arts. The most interests that people share can be referred to the mainstream. This culture is not always the example of sophistication and great spiritual and aesthetic value, but the mass of people is aware of it and shares it, that leads to unity of individuals. Mainstream is a phenomenon that covers communities on the large scale. Without awareness of mass culture tendencies, you can experience the feeling of being overboard.


  1. To develop aesthetic sensitivity

Such phenomena as “art” and “culture” appeared because of the primitive human need to feel aesthetic satisfaction. For example, from the early ages, humans started to cut arrowheads in unusual forms, not to improve the function of the instrument, but to make it more good-looking. The ways of aesthetic improvement have been developing throughout the ages and found its expression in different kinds of art: music, painting, architecture, choreography, etc. The more a person realizes the aesthetic value of the object, the more satisfaction he gets.

Individuals get this feeling after the perception of various combinations colors, sounds, forms, movements, of objects in the world. The fact is that the whole perception of the reality can be reflected in more attractive forms and give more pleasure to the particular person. However, if you do not understand the cultural value of an object, you won’t be able to experience that pleasure.

So, people who are aware of art culture can feel aesthetic pleasure. However, every day appears more and more art creations and people stop getting the same emotions with the particular object. It is necessary to be up to the trends, to find new creations that can touch your soul.

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