Cowtown – Paranormal Romance [12”] (Vinyl LP)

Cowtown – Paranormal Romance [12”] (Vinyl LP)

UK-based group Cowtown, along with having a truly great band name, have a jerky, frenetic sound that is equal parts Talking Heads and Oingo Boingo with just enough pop hooks to recall a band like the Knack. Their latest, “Paranormal Romance,” takes the sound that’s been hinted at in earlier records to chaotically perfect new heights.

Over the course of a dozen tracks, Cowtown impressively whip through each in about two minutes, (the longest track, “Emojicore,” clocks in at just three), making you realize just how much filler is in a lot of modern songs nowadays. While there is hardly a weak track to be found here, the band is at its best on a jangly sing-along like “Motivational Speaker” or “Buggin’ Out”. While the song titles may be steeped in millennial nostalgia (“Captain Planet,” “Castle Greyskull,” “Emojicore”), there influences are straight out of the late ‘70s/early ‘80s Post Punk and New Wave scenes.

Cowtown – Paranormal Romance / 12” LP / 12 tracks / HHBTM / 2016 / /


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