Kym Larsen – Bird of Prey CD Review

Kym Larsen - Bird of Prey CD Review

Rock N Roll Queen begins Kym Larsen’s new album Bird of Prey, providing fans with an utterly epic opening to the album. The dynamic that is crafted between the sizzling guitar riffs and a confident set of vocals will resound loudly in listeners’ ears long after the track ceases to play.

Elvira (I Wanna Be Like) is a high-energy rockt rack that touches upon the styles of Stevie Nicks and ZZ Top. Larsen’s bold vocals are the perfect fit for this single, which touches upon the guitar work of Dire Straits and Billy Idol while putting forth something current and contemporary. Another high water mark for Bird of Prey comes in Who’s the Girl?. Listeners are immediately hurtled into the thick of it, while Kym’s fury is reminiscent of Neil Young and Joan Jett.

The production of Bird of Prey allows each constituent effort the chance to shine, while providing just enough of a nudge for the resulting effort to be one of the most cohesive releases we’ve heard in 2016. One Fine Blur is a perfect example of this. Hints of progressive and psychedelic rock can be discerned here; the desire of Larsen to continually switch things up even at the later registers of Bird of Prey makes the resulting album that much stronger.  Hints of blues and 1960s rock are picked up during the disc’s titular effort. With a good driving beat and solid momentum, Bird of Prey keeps listeners firmly planted on the edges of their seats. You’ve Got To showcases a bold new style for Larsen as bits of 1960s and 1970s country play at the periphery. With so many twists and turns, Bird of Prey is an album that will keep showing listeners something new with subsequent listens.

Top Tracks: Rock N Roll Queen, Elvira (I Wanna Be Like)

Rating: 8.3/10

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