Positivity for men, and how to avoid or escape depression.

At some point in their lives everybody has periods when they feel considerably down or depressed. It is generally caused by something reasonable and doesn’t take domination over your life. On the other hand, if depression continues to develop and become severe over a long period of time you may find yourself unable to find motivation to get through the day. Trying to lift your self up from this state of depression may seem entirely impossible, which is referred to as ‘depressive illness’ by doctors. In some cases, a person will suffer from bipolar disorder also known as manic depression. However, they may have times where they are overly ecstatic and energized which (believe it or not) can be equally if not more dangerous.


Although in todays society it isn’t viewed in this light. Men generally suffer from depression just as often as women do but they are far less likely to seek help or share their thoughts and feelings. According to statistics, men often turn to alcohol or dugs to numb this depressive nature. One thing that still continues to stand is that there is zero evidence for a separate depression found in men. However, some symptoms are more likely in women than men. Men are known to behave extremely irritated, aggressive and seem to not have a care in the world. It’s almost as if they develop a false sense of bravery, this would explain why more men than women commit suicide when battling depression. Below are some basic tips on how to maintain positivity in times when depression may get the better of you.


  1. Stay distracted.

When someone simply tells you to “get out, it will make you feel better”, the last thing you want to do is to “get out”, you in fact would rather stay indoors and think about why you feel this way. A better way to approach this would be to find a good way to spend your time by either finding a hobby or starting up a project. A great idea is to do something you have always wanted to do, it doesn’t have to involve anyone else if you would still like to be alone, and there is nothing wrong with that. Alone time is precious.


  1. Alter your mindset.

Depression isn’t something you choose to suffer with. It’s something that happens naturally, the mind is a very complicated thing- to say the least! You cannot modify your past as it isn’t possible. But what you can do is create your own future; a great place to start is by changing your mindset. Broaden your horizons and find yourself. With time comes happiness and with happiness comes success. Don’t give up because you can do whatever you put your mind to. Is your glass half empty? Work on your positivity. It is known that certain depression treatments, like CBT, can sometimes support you in developing a far more optimistic attitude- however this treatment doesn’t work for everyone.



  1. Give yourself a makeover.

I must admit, it sounds very cliché. But honestly it is something that has been said to be very uplifting. Get a new hairstyle, try some new products and buy some new clothes. How you see yourself is greatly influenced by how other people see you. In today’s era, we live in a very judgemental society, which is a hard battle at the best of times. Designer clothes seem to be what everyone wants and expects but they aren’t always affordable. No need to worry, cheap designer clothes are accessible. But always make sure you aren’t impulsively buying things simply to impress other people, it isn’t worth it.


  1. Accept you for you.

Now, this is where self-acceptance comes in. Once you are happy with the person you are you become more strong-minded. Being content in yourself is something that is beyond valuable, it means that you know your worth and this means you begin to grow what some refer to as a “thicker skin” but of course this is a figure of speech. Becoming a better person will inevitably show impressive improvements with your outlook on life.


  1. Stay healthy.

Out of any other point in your life, now is the time to focus on your physical and mental health. The concept of the mind-body correlation plays a colossal part in depression. The more you take care of your fitness and nutrition the less vulnerable you become and risk less chance of suffering depression or even a possible relapse.

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Author: James McQuiston

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