Sitting Down with Milow the Girl

Sitting Down with Milow the Girl

How have your compositions changed since your first release?

I think that there has been an evolution, good or bad I do not know ,but a lot of things happened in my personal life ,in the world around me since my first album that I voluntarily or involuntarily incorporated in my music, my lyrics.

What sort of influences have had the most impact on your music? Is there a dream lineup of performers that you would like to set in if given the chance?

Without a doubt my personal feelings and thoughts , a melting pot of what impacted me over the years. Alicia Keys , U2, Nickelback , The Script , Madonna , Pink

What story does your current album Dreams tell about you? What successes and failures did you experience during the recording of the release?

It’s just a nice name for an album. I also did a cover from Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) song Dreams. I do not know, It just seemed to be the right name at that moment and it translates the mood that I was  in when I recorded it

To get into a bit of the technical, what does your recording set up look like (what do you use to record, what are your favorite pieces of hardware and software)?

It really depends on the producer, they each like to use different sounds and processes

What does the beginning of 2017 hold for you?

I have taken the decision to live day by day so I will let myself be surprised!

How have your life experiences influenced the music that you have created during your time as a performer?

It has totally influenced my music , I was naive, I was hurt, I was sad and angry, I was happy and undecided, I believed and I doubted, I felt helpless  & misunderstood. Writing is a kind of therapy

How has the internet and social media help you grow your fanbase?

Internet and social media have certainly helped, it is such a powerful way to have people listen to your music especially as I do not perform as much as other artists or as I much as I should 🙂

How can interested readers of NeuFutur find samples of your music?

You can hear samples on my website, or on soundcloud, Pandora or any of the streaming sites.

Do you have any final thoughts for us here at the magazine?

I would like to thank you for the nice review you did on my album, I was very surprised. I wish that if only one thing must stay in people’s mind about me, It would be about my fight against animal cruelty , trying to raise awareness, and the hope that we can make this world a better one .

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