Scott H. Biram – The Bad Testament

Lone Star state native Scott H. Biram started blending punk rock, Blues and country years before anyone decided to christen the cobbled-together genre, folk punk. Across nearly a dozen releases, Biram has been one-man banding it since 2000, churning out one great record after another. And “The Bad Testament,” his first full length in about three years, is no exception.

Across more than a dozen tracks (thanks to the tacking on of three songs from the “Lost on the River” EP), he tackles many of his tried and true themes like religion, struggle and perseverance. He deftly covers the old traditional “True Religion” and seems to have embodied Willie Nelson on a song like “Crippled & Crazy,” but the most amazing moment here is on the stunning “Righteous Ways”; rarely has Biram’s voice been as powerfully emotive and the lyrics so striking.

Nearly two decades as a solo artist, with hardly a weak album to his name, Biram may have turned in one of his best efforts yet with “The Bad Testament.”

Scott H. Biram – The Bad Testament/13 tracks/Bloodshot Records/2017 / /


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