What is the future of gambling?


The gambling industry is one that is consistently improving and changing. Casinos and betting shops are always coming up with more ways to make gambling more enjoyable and more accessible for everyone. So, we can expect that the future of gambling is going to be impressive. But, just how impressive will it be?

Better games for more people

Luck based games just don’t seem to be winning the hearts of young people and the gambling industry is very much aware of that. While young people still play a big part in the casino community they seem to prefer games like poker or sports betting to roulette and slots. That’s why, to get more young people enjoying a trip to the casino, plans are underway to make casinos more interactive. Taking inspiration from video, arcade, computer and mobile games, casinos are working on casino games that require skill and are more social. Young people enjoy earning their winnings, rather than relying on luck, and enjoy competing against other players. The slot machines of tomorrow are also going to be vastly different from what we know them to be. While slot machines have already evolved way past the coin operated machines they once were, future slot machines are going to be even more high-tech and designed to get young people enjoying gambling again. Future designs are predicted to include animated touch screens, leader boards, and will feature more popular television and film characters. The casino of the future will like be an adult arcade, with a more social dynamic and a community more focused on fun. Who knows what these changes might do to gambling tournaments.

New Sports means more sports betting

Niche is the way of the future, it seems. While sports betting is already an incredibly popular type of gambling, the industry might take it a step further to include more sports and competitions that have otherwise been overlooked by the gambling industry. For example, esports has been growing in popularity over the years and Esports betting is becoming increasingly more popular as well. This has been a big step forward for both the gambling and the esports industries and has greatly benefitted both. So, there is a considerable possibility that more lesser-known sports and competitions are going to wagered on. Drone fighting and drone racing, for example, are making their way into the mainstream and it might not be long before people start cashing in on the big tournaments. It would be a sign of madness if online casinos didn’t take advantage of this and with the added funding from the gambling industry, drone tournaments might become even more impressive.

More innovative technology

Casino technology has already shown incredible improvements over the years and more innovative and revolutionary tech is being brought into casinos on a regular basis. Casino security is tighter than ever thanks to face recognition technology, RFID transmitters, counter-surveillance scanners and even motion-detecting roulette wheels that can prevent last second bets. So, it makes sense that casino technology is going to continue to improve, along with online casino technology. Developments are already being made to design poker tables with user interface technology, and the live dealers that are used in online casinos have even inspired some innovators to start experimenting with VR casinos. All you have to do is slip on a VR headset and you could have a casino, complete with all of the best games, available to you from your own living you. While this technology might be far from perfect at the moment, it’s something everyone’s looking forward to.


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