3 Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Tips to Live By

Once the bride has picked her dress, she’s incredibly excited about her day in the spotlight.


Unfortunately, dress shopping is far from over at this point. Even though you may have spent days, weeks, months or even years of your life picking the perfect bridal gown, you have to do it all over again with your bridesmaids! Before you turn your attentions to picking the perfect Ocean City, Maryland rentals for your honeymoon, you need to complete your vision of a perfect wedding by finding complementary dresses for your wedding party.


But don’t freak out just yet. This experience will be a lot less stressful than it was when picking your wedding dress.


It’s not going to be a complete walk in the park. But if you use the three tips that we are going to share with you today, you’ll find it much easier to choose bridesmaids dresses than you ever imagined possible.


Tip #1: Use Your Wedding Dress as a Guide

Before you even begin shopping for bridesmaid dresses, you have to take a close look at your wedding dress.


You have to pay attention to the style of your gown, the style of your wedding in general, and take all of this into account when choosing dresses for your bridesmaids. If you need a concentration boost to stay focused during this process, Corpina can help you.


What style is your wedding dress?


Did you choose to a vintage dress? Or maybe you went with a modern style? How about a classic wedding dress? Is that what you chose?


Obviously, when you and your bridesmaids pick their dresses, they have to fit in with the overall theme and vibe of your dress and wedding. Otherwise they’re going to look completely out of place and you’d obviously rather avoid that, right?


Let’s say the bride is wearing a lace Bohemian dress that flows. It wouldn’t make sense to have your bridesmaids wearing formal taffeta dresses, would it?


No, it certainly would not.


Tip #2: Choosing the Right Color Is Everything

Choosing the right color could be difficult.


Remember, your bridesmaids might have a wide range of skin tones.


Some of them could have fair skin. Others could have darker skin tones. And yet some of your bridesmaids may have olive skin tones.


With that in mind, you need to choose a dress color that will be able to flatter each and every one of them. So that’s definitely an important factor to consider.


Not only is skin tone an obstacle, choosing the right color dresses based on hair color is also important to keep in mind.


As an example, if you have a redhead as one of your bridesmaids, certain colors could definitely clash with her rose-colored locks.


Your best bet is to stick with a two color palette. This will make it a lot easier to please everyone without driving you and everyone else crazy in the process.


According to Azazie.com, “We believe that everyone should own custom-made pieces that are of the highest quality and tailored for a perfect fit – all the while being affordable.”


Tip #3: Keep Time of Day and Season in Mind

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