Chip Gibbons Feature

Chip Gibbons Feature

Chip Gibbons has just released a video for his latest single “Inside a Hole”, from his Billion Dollar Pill album. This track does much to showcase the wide variety of influences that are present in Gibbons’ music, but for a more in-depth exploration into Gibbons’ psyche, one needs to play the entirety of the aforementioned album. The multi-media aspect of Gibbons is something that fans need to look into; while just listening to any of the tracks off Billion Dollar Pill will provide one with a bit of information, the additional context given these singles by the attached vocals is essential for getting a full idea about who Gibbons is, what sort of influences are present in his music, and what sorts of paths that he may take on the follow up to the album.

The sheer drive and determination is precisely what fans will see when they check out one of his social media profiles. On these services,Chip is able to annotate and otherwise dig deeper into his music and playing style than would be present if someone just listened to Billion Dollar Pill on an online streaming site. The one thing that we are particularly large fans of is that Chip provides fans with a way to listen to all of the songs on Billion Dollar Pill on his Bandcamp profile. Of course, there is a way for someone that digs the tunes to go forth and purchase the music, but having a no-stress way to familiarize oneself with his music is always something that is appreciated when it comes to a new artist.

Let us know what you think Gibbons’ strongest track is, and what sort of influences that you hear during each of the songs on Billion Dollar Pill. You can check out our previous articles about Chip Gibbons through the search engine on our site. For the time being, give his Facebook a whirl and see what precisely is going on.

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