Anwaar Ali – An Orphan’s Dream

Anwaar Ali - An Orphan's Dream

The Day She Left is an intense track that ties together hints of world music, gothic, and ambient styles. There are a number of distinct things that are occurring during this introductory track, which will continue to influence the rest of the tracks on An Orphan’s Dream. A Life so Changed is an interesting addition to the Anwaar Ali corpus, in that it links together a guitar line, vocal elements, and sequenced percussion in such a fashion that a narrative is generated. The track will stand up to repeat plays, in that there are just so many things occurring during every second.

Living in Your Memories slows things down; the track is a more contemplative effort that will have listeners deep in thought by the end of the composition. This is due to the guitar / bass dynamic that is presented here, coupled with a hint of the naturalistic fuzz that permeates the entirety of An Orphan’s Dream.

A Promise Kept Alive ties together performers like Enya and Enigma to make for a composition that bounces between jazz, new age, and world music. You Told Me a Story is the final effort on An Orphan’s Dream, and it paints a much more hopeful sound for the concluding minutes of the release. One can hope that any follow-up that Ali creates will be able to build off of this final effort, as it is epic, focused on the dynamic between light and dark, and feels more complete as a result.

Anwaar Ali’s An Orphan’s Dream is a rare effort that provides just enough information and back story for the performer that one will feel sated, but witholding just enough to keep listeners hungering for more information. For additional information about Ali, An Orphan’s Dream, or any news about this performer, visit his main website.

Top Tracks: You Told Me a Story, A Life so Changed

Rating: 8.9/10

Anwaar Ali – An Orphan’s Dream / 2017 Self Released / 12 Tracks / / 

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