Ayron Jones – Audio Paint Job (CD)

Ayron Jones – Audio Paint Job (CD)

There’s not a lot of people that can easily mix influences like Pearl Jam, Prince and Dr. Dre, but Ayron Jones has managed to pull it off impressively with his latest effort, “Audio Paint Job.”

Jones’ guitar is a mix of blues and classic rock (just give a listen to “Emily”) that gives hope to the future of guitar rock, a genre whose epitaph has been written a dozen times before. The back bone of bassist Bob Lovelace and drummer Ehssan Karimi also brings a strong funk vibe to the music. Not every song here earns its spot. At 14 tracks, it feels a little bloated at times and some of the slower songs drag a bit, but when Jones and his band nail it, like on the fantastic, slow-burn “Take Your Time,” there is no doubt that this group deserves a bigger platform.


From the album opener, “Take Me Away,” a ‘90s hard rock/grunge-worthy track that finds Jones’ crew playing with full force and the vocalist boasting pipes like Living Colour’s Corey Glover, “Audio Paint Job” is 14 tracks of pain, heartbreak and perseverance crammed onto a single record.

Ayron Jones – Audio Paint Job / 14 tracks / Sunyata Records / 2017 / https://twitter.com/ajandtheway206

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