Deaf/Blind/Dumb – S/T EP

Deaf/Blind/Dumb - S/T full EP

My Subconscious starts off in an ominous fashion, providing a bit of world-building before Deaf/Blind/Dumb begin their self-titled EP. Guitar fuzz, a nasty guitar / drum dynamic, and a shuffling beat will get listeners into the release; crust, a bit of thrash, and 1980s hardcore punk can all be heard here. The track picks up speed, with a few seconds of guitar before intense vocals take over. Stud Count is a full-out assault on listeners. There is no breath that listeners can take; Deaf/Blind/Dumb are able to wreak havoc and pull the brakes on the composition at about the minute mark. Starve brings the guitars and distortion back into the forefront, establishing a narrative that permeates not only this third track, but into the second half of this self-titled EP.

While this release begins and ends over the course of about ten minutes, there is a story that is told over the course of these eight tracks. There is such a brashness, a forwardness that hides compositions that are pretty deep. While the outward sound of the songs on this EP is relatively simple, additional listens will continue to yield hidden treasures in terms of the dynamics between the vocals, drums, and guitars.

Top Tracks: Inconsistent Existence, Stud Count

Rating: 8.6/10

Deaf/Blind/Dumb – S/T full EP / 2017 Self Released / 8 Tracks /

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