Mistakes to Avoid While Growing Tomatoes in Planters

Growing tomatoes in planters could be pretty thrilling. It could be immensely rewarding in most cases but sometimes it could be a total flop show. Sometimes disaster could take place for reasons that may not be under your control such as Wilt or Blight or even an extremely wet or relatively colder summer. However, you must be aware of the common tomato growing mistakes and learn ways to avoid them. This would surely help you to grow tomatoes in a container without facing any major concerns or challenges.

Wrong Container Size

To grow tomatoes successfully, you must opt for the bigger variety of containers as they could be holding more soil. This could be facilitating retention of more water. Your plant could be getting more nutrients from the soil. Consistent food and water supply are the two chief requirements for healthy tomato plants and good harvests.

Excessive Amount of Water

The secret to successfully growing tomato plants in containers is watering it the right way. Excessive water would be drowning the tomato plants. Too less water also could be disastrous and end up getting blossom end rot. Inconsistent watering of the tomato plants in containers would be ending in blossom end rot, stressed plants, and split tomatoes. Proper watering is the key to success here. You must keep the soil in the containers moist or damp and not wet. Before you start watering each time, make sure that the soil is dry enough and not already moist. You must pay attention to proper drainage too. The planter you are using must necessarily have large enough holes to drain out excess water. If you are wondering how to grow tomatoes in pots successfully, consider using a self-watering container.


You may be assuming that it is a great idea to put lots of plants together in a container but overcrowding could have serious repercussions and end up being counterproductive. It is always better to put one plant in one container. This allows adequate nutrients and water supply and maintains growth and plant health.

Insufficient Sunlight

Tomatoes are regarded by farmers as great sun lovers. They usually require quite a lot of sunlight for healthy and sustained growth. Direct and unhindered sunlight is required for, at least, six to eight hours. You must have a precise idea about how many hours of sunlight you are getting at the particular area or spot. You could consider using a sunlight meter. Moreover, keep in mind that the amount of sunlight received by a particular spot would keep changing drastically during the growing season. So, it is best to keep track of sunlight every week and ensure that the potted plant is placed in the right spot to get maximum sun exposure.


You could consider growing wonderful cherry tomatoes and huge juicy tomatoes in your planters. Tomatoes are popular because of their texture and taste. There is no point in growing them if they are not hugely enticing and super-delicious. So, choose the right variety of tomatoes and no need to stick to patio tomatoes. Be adventurous while growing tomatoes in pots and other containers.

Author Bio: Jennifer Stevens is a housewife and a blogger. She has a passion for gardening. She runs her own blog and often offers valuable tips about gardening including how to grow tomatoes in pots.



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