The enchanting appeal of Moroccan rugs and how it won the West

Are you keen to add an ethnic appeal to your home decor and to look for ways to do it? Getting Moroccan rugs for your home can add the touch of luxury and provide the rustic looks of ethnicity that adds a new dimension to the home decor. Suddenly you feel that the atmosphere of your home gets some extra shine from the piece of the unique creation of Moroccan artisans and weavers. The trend of using rugs and carpets sourced from countries like Morocco, Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran is sweeping across Europe and America for the past few years. People are inclined to bring home the cultural heritage of specific regions of the world. They are keen to use Moroccan rugs that are available from Carter Jones Moroccan rugs UK, the shop that deals exclusively in rugs.

Birth of the trend

The decorative patterns of rugs created by Moroccan artisans have inspired the Western world since the sixties and seventies. Woollen rugs that owe its origin to the Berbers, a semi-nomadic tribe are particularly famous. The designs and patterns of these tribal people have rustic touches since these tribes have historically stayed away from urban influence. There is a flair of independence in the designs they weave.  An underlying unruliness and desire to be creative without inhibitions are the attraction of the designs.  The symmetries found in Middle Eastern models is completely absent in the designs. The rugs offer the best opportunity to infuse the magic of art and colours into homes.

 One of its kinds

Although there was interest about Moroccan rugs in the 1960s and 70s in Europe and America, it was only during the 1990s that there was a surge in the popularity of the rugs in the Western world. The geometric patterns of the rugs translated into a new style in the urban setting and people looked upon it as a sophisticated item for decorating homes.  It provided a charm and elegance that no other home furnishing can create. The rugs came in bold colours, and warm hues of saffron yellow and orange became the show stealers. Most of these rugs, made from wool, bring along with it the mark of originality that makes it one of its kinds used for home decoration.

Types of Moroccan rugs

There are two types of Moroccan rugs available. The Berber tribe of Morocco still make the traditional rugs used on floors, and they are its sole creators.  They use wool for making rugs that bear the marks of their artistic excellence woven into unique pieces of the thick shaggy pile with crisscross and zigzag patterns. Each style is distinctly different from others, and there will never be two identical pieces available.

Another type of rug is the kilim also known as hanbel. These are much lightweight, and the design and motifs vary in colour ranging from blue, red and green to mauve, yellow and white. You can use it as blankets and also on floors.

The mixture of modernity and ethnic styles increases the attraction of Moroccan carpets that has immense powers to light up homes.

About the author: Steven Tuft is an interior decorator by profession and is also an ace golfer. He loves the golf course as much as he is attracted to the Moroccan rugs you find at Carter Jones Moroccan rugs UK. An adventure lover, he is drawn to the call of wilderness.


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