Celebrities and Gambling Issues

Celebrities are famous for spending a fortune on their luxury cars, grand villas and ridiculously expensive jewellery and clothes. What about gambling? Unfortunately, many Hollywood stars and well-respected singers and athletes would rather blow all their money in casinos and betting. Meanwhile, many casinos and online gambling sites are promoting their business by endorsing these famous faces.
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Frank Sinatra was well known for his gambling addiction. He was allowed to keep all the money and just be present on the casino floor in Las Vegas. When he passed away in 1998, all hotels and casinos in Las Vegas turned the lights off in memory of the great singer and notorious gambler.


Gladys Knight
The music icon, with incredibly soft vocals Gladys Knight, managed to keep herself away from alcohol and cocaine addiction, but her love towards sports betting and Baccarat cost her tens of thousands of dollars in one infamous night. After losing $45,000 she stepped back, and sought help at a gambling rehab centre.


Tobey Maguire
Spiderman actor, Tobey Maguire was one of a few celebrities who was sued for participating in an illegal gaming ring. He won $300 million of illegal money and also won the World Series of Poker. 35-year-old Tobey has given his friends enough reasons to worry about him as he has a highly addictive personality. He has also being fighting an alcohol addiction since he was 19.


Ben Affleck

Actor and producer Ben Affleck went to gambling rehab in 2001, in 2013 he co-starred with Justin Timberlake in the gambling thriller Runner, Runner. It is known that he lost $400,000 to Ron Meyer, President of Universal Studios in a top secret Poker game.


Charlie Sheen, Gladys Knight, Michael Jordan, and Charles Barkley all together have lost more than $25 million, while an average US citizen will live up to 560 years with that kind of money. That amount of money will cover 835 US students’ college fees. But as Charles Barkley says, “I’m not going to quit gambling because it’s my life and it’s my money”.

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