How to Incorporate Cleaning into Your Workout

Busy people often think that they do not have time to exercise. They spend several hours at the office and wind up very tired at the end of the day. After arriving home, they might spend a few hours cleaning their home.

Certainly, working out is the last thing on their mind. The good news is that it’s easy to get a really good workout, while exercising. This is true for men and women.

Getting a good workout is all about technique and the emphasis on applying the right principles to the workout. Here is how to incorporate cleaning into your workout.

Setting The Mood

The average person leads a very busy life today. However, it’s easy to work your body, while sweeping the carpets. Of course, it is important to set the mood for a good workout by playing your favorite workout tunes on the stereo.

Exercising While You’re Vacuuming

Yes, you can exercise while you’re vacuuming! Hold the vacuum cleaner with one hand to maintain balance, while you are standing tall. Start with a set of about 10 lunges that are excellent for toning the hips, buttocks, and thighs. Now take one leg and lunge forward, bending the knee, repeat 10 times with the right and left leg.

Mopping Floors

Did you know that it is truly possible to get a good workout, while you are scrubbing the kitchen floors and getting the tiles in your kitchen spotless? This workout is designed to work your shoulders, arms, legs and core muscles to the beat of the music on your home stereo. Assume a comfortable position while grasping the mop in your hands, bend forward, pressing the wet mop against the tiled floor, push the mop outward and back, using your core muscles by tightening your abdomen.

Intensity Tips

Really get your shoulders and arms involved in the workout. Try a few lunges as you move forward around the kitchen. Cleaning involves a lot of moving about the house, up and down stairs, wear ankle weights while mopping or moving up and down stairs.

Add Weights

The snap-on ankle weights add an extra 1 or 2 pounds to your workout. This is also an excellent way to strengthen your leg muscles. Add wrist weights for an even more intense workout to arms and wrist.

Counter Pushups/Squats

It’s also a breeze to get a super workout while you are scrubbing those pots and pans in your sink. Place those dirty pans and dishes in the sink and let them soak in sudsy water for several minutes, while you work your arm and chest muscles.

Find a dry place on your countertop. Place your hands on the countertop. Remember to keep your back and neck in a straight line.

Drop your chest to the countertop, while tightening your abdomen. Push up and repeat the movement several more times. Don’t push yourself too hard and start with 2 or 3 pushups and work up to more, after several weeks.


Here is another easy way to tone your legs and hips, while cleaning your entire home. If you are a mom, you realize that kids leave toys, clothes, and other items on the floor. Get a good leg workout by squatting to pick up the items tossed carelessly on floors by squatting while dusting furniture around the room.



Try stretching up the body and squatting down, while dusting bookcases, mirrors, or pictures on the wall. This really gets the entire body involved in the workout.

The fact is that it is easier than you might think to get a really good total body workout by following the suggestions outlined here. Work that body, while using your favorite jams to inspire you to greater intensity.

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