Peasant Moon – Our Timing Was Wrong

Uniting a couple from around the world (Sydney, Australia and Chicago), Peasant Moon make a style of music with their latest EP Our Timing Was Wrong that will draw listeners in and keep them there until the release concludes. Back in Time, the first track on this EP, is a glorious blending of alternative and indie rock music that has enough time to include nods to Americana and 1970s country & western. A lush production allows both sets of vocals and the soundscape established by the drums and guitars to easily issue forth from one’s speakers. There are so many things happening during this first track – a bit of Dylan pacing, hints of Britpop, and a tremendous narration – that one will have to play Back in Time multiple times before hearing everything that Peasant Moon has included in.

The titular track from Our Timing Was Wrong is bar-none our favorite track on this EP. Peasant Moon adopt a more traditional country sound; the call and response between the vocals and the sorrowful guitars resounds through the years. The slower tempo of this track allows fans ample opportunity to analyze every note and nuance. We particularly love the richness of the vocals and hard-hitting guitar arrangements; what Peasant Moon does here is to showcase this traditional American music tradition (Willie Nelson, Neil Young) while adding their own distinct twist to it. This means that the Our Timing Was Wrong EP is continually strong, even as one gets into Leaving Tonight. Leaving Tonight is the “last call” of this release, showcasing a more sedate sound and a greater focus on the narrative side of things. By winding things up, Peasant Moon are able to conclude this release in a stronger fashion than they began it. We’d love to hear more from the act in the months and years to come; check out their domain for additional information and sounds from this act.

Top Tracks: Our Timing Was Wrong, Leaving Tonight

Rating: 8.8/10

Peasant Moon – Our Timing Was Wrong / 2017 Self Released / 5 Tracks /

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