The Outdoor Type – Perspectives EP (CD)

Zack Buchanan, playing under the moniker The Outdoor Type, may just have one official EP to be judged on at the moment, but in those four tracks he shows immense promise. Sounding like a slightly more laid-back Frank Turner, there are hints at folk, pop and Americana, all vying for attention on Perspectives, the Australian natives Netwerk debut.

Kicking off with the strongest track, “On My Mind” is an infectious rock song with a driving sound that almost forces you to nod along, as he namechecks cities across the globe. “Middle of the Road,” “Rumination” and “Coming Down,” though not as catchy are still all solid tracks that show a depth in The Outdoor Type’s sound.

Apparently, he coined the name for his project after hearing fellow Australian band Smudge playing a cover of The Lemonhead’s “The Outdoor Type.” Disillusioned by the electric-heavy music he was writing, he had an epiphany and changed direction. That ‘90s cover was an ideal starting point, along with Buchanan’s influences from The Church and Paul Kelley, as all can be heard in snatches throughout the four songs here (there is definitely a Starfish-era Church vibe on the guitars that open “Middle of the Road”).

If Perspectives is a prelude to what lies ahead, his debut full length should be one worth looking forward to.

The Outdoor Type – Perspectives EP/4 tracks/Netwerk/2017 /

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