6 Popular Men’s Wedding Ring Styles and Metals

The 21st-century men are much more fashion conscious than the previous generation. Since men don’t wear as much jewelry as women prefer to, they are very finicky about their costly possessions. The wedding band is one of the few jewelry items that a man wears for 30-40 years in his life and thus, buying something trendy yet everlasting is extremely important. Here is a list of popular styles and metals for men’s wedding rings and yes, gold is not included in this list because everyone already knows about it.

Domed: It is the oldest and yet most popular design for men’s wedding band. The simplistic design is appreciated by those who don’t want anything flashy and prefer to keep things simple. This design comes in a variety of widths and any metal as per your selection.

Fingerprint: This is the latest and most romantic trend in men’s wedding band. The fingerprint ring is a testimony of your love for your spouse. All you need to do is take fingerprints of your bride on a paper, click some high-resolution pictures of the fingerprint, and send it to the jeweler. Don’t forget to mention your ring size and choice of metal. The custom made ring will immortalize your beloved’s fingerprint.

Rings with gemstone: A diamond may be a woman’s best friend, but even men crave for this precious stone nowadays. It is very elegant and classy to add a diamond or other gemstones such as ruby and emerald in your wedding band. It subtly indicates your financial power and blends perfectly with formal wear. However, you must take good care of the ring because rough use can cause damage to the gemstone. If you are looking for a fashionable ring, you should visit http://www.mensweddingbands.com.

Platinum: Platinum wedding bands look absolutely stunning. It is the most valuable of all precious metals and certainly a head-turner. If you are a rich man and love to flaunt your wealth, then a platinum wedding band is essential for you.

Tungsten: If your spouse is a geek, then he will love a tungsten carbide ring. People are bored with the golden and silver colored rings and thus, they want something different. The dark gray color of the tungsten ring immediately grabs viewers’ attention. It’s very durable and scratch resistant. Tungsten bands are cheaper too. However, it’s heavier than gold and silver rings and therefore, you must ask your husband if he will be comfortable wearing it 24×7.

Titanium: In case your budget is low and you like to experiment with the ring metal, then Titanium is your best option. It is a lightweight and unbreakable metal. Thus, if you work with heavy machinery or don’t have the time to polish your ring every now and then, a titanium wedding band will suit your lifestyle.


The wedding band is something that you will wear regularly for many years. Therefore, you should choose the design, metal, and shape after a lot of consideration. Don’t buy something that doesn’t fit in your budget, but then again, don’t pick something too cheap. It should suit your personality and lifestyle and most importantly speak about your love for your wife.

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