Advanced Training for Fitness in Your 20s

You’re a millennial who prides themselves on staying slim, but you’ve realized that you are not in shape. Maybe it only became apparent recently when you went for a 3K fun run with a bunch of friends and couldn’t complete the course, or you have just noticed that you get winded easily when going up the stairs at work. Either way, you’ve at least noticed it now and realize that you expect better of yourself.

There are fitness routines and tips for people of different ages. When you’re in your 20s, the body can handle much more than the typical 50-year-old. Let’s see what you can handle.

Workout Using Digital Video

Whether your back doesn’t feel very flexible or you prefer to get more heavily involved with yoga, digging deep into fitness courses that throw the difficult poses at you as well as the easier ones is far more challenging. You might want a full body exercise routine or just to increase your strength or muscle mass. In all these cases, a subscription to a digital workout program from will give you access to individual routines and fitness videos to teach you some new moves.

When you get bored of one routine, you can subscribe to a different fitness course and get going again. The courses are all accessible from any device where you can play video easily, which means you can exercise from a hotel room, in the local gym, or at home.

Custom Fitness Routines

It has been suggested that the era of the yearly gym memberships is coming to an end with millennials wanting something less regulated and more spontaneous. The routine of running on the treadmill and jumping on the rowing machine doesn’t hold much interest for the 20-something who likes personal choice and customization more than any previous generation.

Hopping from trainer to trainer to learn different tricks and trying out something new each time holds greater interest. It still gets the body moving but mixes up how that happens and when it does. If you’re a busy millennial with a flexible schedule, then take advantage of this new trend by picking up different classes in the city you’re in and skip the gym membership altogether. With a different activity each time, you’ll never become disinterested and will look forward to each opportunity to try something new.

MMA Training

There are plenty of people who don’t have plans to fight for Bellator or the UFC but who take regular mixed-martial arts training sessions. In some cases, boxercise has been replaced with training in Muay Thai, Ju-Jitsu, and wrestling. The benefits are a terrific team at the MMA dojo including experienced trainers and fellow MMA students. There’s always new things to learn as the sport of MMA progresses, especially with Ju-Jitsu where new moves are devised frequently that improve upon previous throws, joint locks and body positions. Practicing MMA when you have no plans to compete is perfectly acceptable now and most MMA gyms are welcoming to beginners with these goals.

When you want to have fun while you exercise or just to maintain your fitness level, then mixing it up is a great way to avoid getting bored. Whether you want to workout with a variety of digital fitness videos from home, to swing by an MMA gym for training or just grab ad hoc fitness classes as you have time, it will certainly support raising your fitness level, so you won’t be held back the next time you want to do a 3K run.

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