Are Custom Bottle Openers Ideal as Gifts? Here’s Why They Are!

When it comes to gift someone on occasion, be it a birthday or a wedding, we are always in two minds that what to select that provides a valuable function as well as the one which meets the budget. A gift item which has some values related to them is always a good choice. Things like photo-frames, paintings, key chains, and personalized coffee mugs are the accessories which come in our mind whenever we want to buy a gift for someone. However, these options are too standard. You can make your gift more valuable to the receiver with something extraordinary.

Bottle opener as a valuable gift

Bottle openers are a must-have for every household as it is needed about every day. Almost every other bottle has a metal cap attached to it. From soft drinks to beer, every bottle can be opened with the help of a bottle opener only. A simple bottle opener would seem too dull to be a gift item, so personalized bottle openers are now in fashion. Different designs and patterns are used to make the bottle openers more lucrative and eye-catching. Some bottle openers come with a key chain holder which serves both the purposes efficiently.

Different types of bottle openers

The bottle openers come in different designs based on various events like birthdays, weddings, graduation, promotion and retirement. Personalized designs are also available according to the holidays such as Christmas, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, St. Paddy’s day.

Bottle openers for wine lovers

A wide range of bottle openers is available. The available sizes of the bottle openers are .50 caliber, 7.62 mm and 20 mm. The collection usually comprises of different themes such as based on holiday or events, and they are also based on various US armed force categories. You can choose as per the occasion you are purchasing it for. Gifting bottle openers to wine lovers can be the best gift forever, especially when it is customized to meet the taste of the receiver. Matte finishing, brass, engraved are some of the standard options available in the market. The prices vary as per the design you choose. Shop around to strike the best deal, and you can even entitle to get a significant discount if purchased in bulk.

Which type of bottle opener should you go for?

The lever kind of bottle opener is common and popular. These are easily available as well, and also one can use it effortlessly. You just need to put it over the bottle, push or pull down the lever and there you go. Automatic wine bottle openers are also available. They come with rechargeable batteries and a bit pricey in comparison to the one which I have described above. There is no need to recharge it like your mobile phone again and again. Just recharge it once, and you can use it to open around two dozens of bottles. There are some openers that not only allow you to open the cork but also place it back as well.

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