Now You Can Research Well and Hire Contractors Wisely

When you factor the investment you have made towards acquiring property, it is only natural for you to want to beautify it. Installing a fence not only improves security, but it also boosts your home’s value. There is no doubt that hiring a legitimate contractor is the right thing to do.

If you do your background checks, ask for estimates and prepare financial projections, you cannot go wrong. Moreover, get a commitment from the fence installer that they will complete the work as promised. Obtain signed warranties and contracts stipulating every party’s responsibilities.

Here are the requirements in more detail:

Research the firm

Before you consider a fence contractor as suitable for hire, researching the company prepares you for the first meeting. A quick call to their office lets you know whether they are professionals or not. Also, the address given should be verifiable.

Provision of work estimates

Contractors that require you to hire them on the spot are questionable. By the same token, no one should pressure you to make a cash deposit. Besides, reputable contractors provide their clients with estimates of the work requested. If the builder you have targeted does not provide tentative figures, do not proceed.

While planning for fence installation work, you must know how much you intend to spend. These projects spend money on:

  • Materials needed for the work
  • Labor costs for the workmen hired by the contractor


With these figures at hand, discuss your needs with fence contractors in Houston, TX. Let them confirm their ability to provide you with a wall as per your guidelines. Speaking of which, you need to establish where the fence will run. Also, differentiate between the fencing type for the area around your residence and that for the region further away.

Completion periods factoring in delays

Depending on how badly you need the enclosure, you might shoot for a short work completion time or a long one. Also, take into consideration possible delays from the contractor. If they occur, perhaps the builder should give you a discount. Moreover, for large and labor intensive projects, a contractor should tell you whom they will put in charge.

Warranties and assurances

Work guarantees are crucial. Ask prospective fence installation firms about their guarantees. Some companies do not provide any. The warranty period of a barrier depends on the materials used. In some cases, warranties on these structures can last for seven years.

Written contract

Contracts in writing help put everything into perspective. They also come in handy in the event of disputes. Ensure that you sign a contract that shows:

  • Name, license number and contact details of a contractor
  • Projected date of commencement and completion
  • Payment plan
  • Permit acquisition obligations
  • Handling of orders to change the structural design
  • Warranty details
  • Exclusions; things a contractor will not do

Upon completion, the contractor expects you to pay their dues as agreed. However, you must first be satisfied with the work. Confirm that the builder has paid all the monies owed to suppliers and subcontractors. To further protect yourself, request the suppliers, outsourced firms, and the contractor to waive lien.

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