Extreme sports that kill thousands of people every year

Sports have remained a source of entertainment and a chance to show people’s skills for centuries together. For the last few decades, the term ‘extreme sports’ is getting insanely popular. People love the thrill that comes with participating in such activities and that makes them take great risks. Such sports are played for fun, for the competitive spirit and even for the money involved. Below is a list of extreme sports that you should clear steer of if you want to live a long and healthy life.

  1. Racing

Racing gives that adrenaline rush to both the participant and the viewers. This is the reason why it has remained popular all over the world. Bike racers, car racers, and freestyle motocross racers live in a constant world of risk and there have been thousands of deaths and more injuries reported in such racing events. In spite of this, the love for racing remains the same.

One in 100 people die every year in the Grand Prix race while one in 1000 people die in motorcycle racing accidents.

  1. Mountain climbing

Depending on the intensity of this sport, the mortality rate varies. There are so many people trying out mountain climbing and a study shows that in such cases of activities, one in 1750 people die. If you are taking up bigger and steeper mountains, you have to ensure you are completely protected.

  1. Wrestling and boxing

These are considered one of the most dangerous extreme sports for the injuries players sustain. Many times, such injuries have turned permanent and have even led to death. News media like the trinitynewsdaily.com have covered few deaths that have happened because of such sports and people have been shocked at some of the stories.

  1. Bull riding/fighting

Bull fighting is prevalent in different parts of the world and in some regions, this is celebrated as a festival. There are a lot of stories of deaths that happen due to being stepped on and because of the stampede. Lots of animal protection groups keep fighting for the ban on such bullfights every year.

  1. Base jumping

This is considered the most dangerous sport ever around the globe. It involves using a parachute or a wing suit and jumping from heights including from top of buildings and cliffs. One in sixty people die of Base-jumping and this is illegal in some places. One minor error can lead to death and this is why you should be trained and assisted by professionals before you take this up.

  1. Cave diving

This is yet another extreme activity that involves exploring unfamiliar territories under water. The danger comes from the unknown surroundings and one in ten cavers die every year taking up this sport.

If you love the adrenaline rush, take time to pick up a sport you are good at and get yourself trained well before participating in it. This way, you can beat fate and stay away from injuries and death.

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