Kim DiVine – Broken Bird (Klvr Grl Remix)

Kim DiVine recorded an EP before the birth of her daughter with LA producer Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua Radin, Matthew Mayfield, Dashboard Confessional) and then took a break to be a mom, with a plan to release after a few months of parenthood. Cut to last fall when her stepfather passed away in September. And then another blow when her mother, who fought a long and hard battle with cancer for over four years, took a turn for the worse. This past February, she also passed. Within exactly five months, two of the most important people in her life were gone.

In recent weeks, as she re-visited the EP, it no longer felt complete. She picked up her guitar and out poured a new song written for her mom, “Where I Am You Are.” She also entrusted talented producer Klvr Grl to do a re-mix of “Broken Bird”. In-the midst of planning the release for the album, an unexpected phone call came in May that delivered news of the passing of her father-in-law. She is now using her music as part of the healing process. This all must be told along the line to spell out some of Kim’s background which includes too many commendable awards and activities to list, but performing on the Jay Leno show is one.

One way to heal is pick yourself up and dust yourself off for a new leaf to turn, and it has manifested into a great remix instead of a touch-up style remix job. Klver Grl turns an acoustic lullaby of sorts into a monster of machinery and if that is your thing, you’ll love every minute of it, and might even prefer it to the original mix but that is always stretching the bar. It’s just that this is no failed attempt to do everything set out to do and that is go where it’s never gone before. It succeeds on alone with flying colors. And since when is that the case, or at least that’s is easy to think once you’ve heard both mixes.

Some of Kim’s musical highlights include; “Best Thing” featured in NBC’s Grimm – Valentine’s Day Webisode, “Perfect Kind of Love” featured in trailer for NBC Comedy. “Welcome to The Family”, “Little Things” Featured in the trailer, film and soundtrack for “Cowgirls N’ Angels” (Samuel Goldwyn Films). “Easy On Me” was a Semi-Finalist in the 2013 “Unsigned Only” music competition, and “Perfect Kind of Love” was featured on The CW’s “One Tree Hill” and was a semi-finalist in the 2011 International Songwriting Competition (Pop Category). She can even be heard in the current JELL-O campaign jingle. Much more on her background can be found at her website.

One song becomes two for the better here, and it’s pretty-rare, so make sure to check out “This Time Around” for the first mix of “Broken Bird” and other tracks by Kim DiVine if you aren’t already up on her work, which her developing fan base is always there for. Enjoy the soft vocals behind the barrage of beats and grooves weaved in and out of the speakers as you partake in an experiment that never goes wrong with Klver Grl doing the business to make this an effort worth going all out for a singer/songwriter who’s paid her dues and been through the storms of life and the industry.


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