Can Social Media Earn You Big Bucks?

It is no secret how big the social media industry has become. You’ve got the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many more dominating the world right now. Whether young or old, people are always glued to their phones scrolling through the most recent updates on their news feed. So, currently social media will be doing nothing for you apart from keeping you up to date with what your friends are doing, allowing you to do the odd bit of stalking, and giving you fake news on a daily basis. But, what if we were to tell you there are ways of making money through social media? Well, it’s easy enough to do, all you need to do is use a few of the ideas below.



Investment is an option that not a lot of people go for. It is complicated to someone who has never done it before, but social media investment is probably one of the best areas to go into. The stocks are always high, and the market is pretty stable in terms of the rise and fall of profits that can be made from investing. For example, the facebook stock at the moment is one of the best ones to get into. Whilst it might seem as though Twitter and Instagram are racing ahead in terms of popularity, it doesn’t mean the number of people using Facebook is dropping. The company is so table, and the stock market for Facebook is good. Invest at the right time and you could see yourself making a nice little bit of profit in the near future.




You don’t set up your blog on a social media page, but you do connect your blog to the multiple different social media pages there are. It is one of the best ways of sharing your posts in order to get views from fellow bloggers. It is competitive, and there are a lot of bloggers trying to do the same thing as you. But if you keep sharing and interacting with other bloggers, your following will no doubt grow. This growth leads to big companies offering you paid opportunities to blog that will eventually lead to you make a fair bit of money. Don’t get us wrong, it does take a while to get to that stage, but the more you work at it and the more effort you put in, the more money you’re going to be able to make in the long run.




Giveaways are a way of saving money on the luxuries in life that you might not usually be able to afford. Or, they’re a great way of collecting a bunch of gifts that you can use to give to people on special occasions. They aren’t hard to partake in. All you usually have to do is share or retweet the post. Comment something specific or tag a few friends, and you’re in with the chance of being able to win a lot of freebies!

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