Reading & Its Impact On Your Life

Lately, I have incorporated reading into my daily routine and I was surprised to find out that, doesn’t matter what I read, it definitely benefits me in one way or the other. Reading undoubtedly has changed the quality of my life for good.

Reading as a habit, when nurtured in your child from an early age, has strong potential to impact your child’s future prospects in a positive way. Keeping this amazing benefit of reading in mind, one of the premier English teaching institution, Helen Doron English Launches Young Heroes Readers are Leaders 2018 campaign through which participants can encourage reading and donate funds or books to various organizations promoting literacy.

I will love to share the amazing positive changes which the habit of regular reading has brought into my life:

Reading has reduced stress in my life.

We all know, how stressful our daily lives can become. But I have discovered and experienced this amazing benefit of reading that it actually reduces my stress. Credit goes to the fiction novels which I read. Whenever I am reading, my mind gets engrossed with the happenings in the novel and totally shift gears from the everyday stress and anxiety that I used to feel when  I didn’t use to read. If you’re too busy to read books, you can read reviews using the Blinkist app. See a review on the app at

Reading has made me calm.

We all have those anxiety attacks which come up due to our overly active works schedules. So, most of the times our senses are always on the edge. Reading has helped me control my energy levels and enables me to be quiet and calm for some time.

Reading has increased my vocabulary.

Reading has enriched my vocabulary with different words that I actually don’t get to hear in my daily conversations. This has improved my communication skills plus instilled a sense of confidence and expression in me.

Reading has increased my concentration.

We all have those moments when our brain is unable to concentrate on our work and actually drifts away to think something else. This loss of concentration leads to loss of essential hours which could have been made productive.

Reading has definitely helped me improve my concentration levels and ability. I can focus now much better on my daily tasks and complete all my scheduled tasks on time. Reading helps you to concentrate on necessary things rather than wiling your time away on unnecessary and non-productive things.

Reading has increased my knowledge.

It often happens, when you are in a group of people, that you are unaware of the certain topic which the remaining group is discussing. You might feel pretty dumb in these situations. But when you are in the habit of daily reading it essentially increases your storehouse of knowledge and information so you can comfortably be a part of almost any kind of conversation.

So, I will definitely recommend to all to include a little bit of reading in their daily schedule. It doesn’t matter which time of the day you devote to reading given that you are making it your daily habit.

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Author: James McQuiston

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