Best Ways to Work with Backups on Mac

Analyzing the statistics data and the experience of other users, a high-quality backup utility tool will help you prevent data loss. For that reason, you need to be very attentive, choosing necessary software. In some instances, users really struggle with backing up the system data. In this scenario, you need to pick a worthy app, which will help you avoid all difficulties related to this issue. 

In this review, we’ll bandy about Get Backup Pro – a speedy Mac OS backup app, developed specifically for the needs of the users of Mac devices. Besides, we’ll check some other methods of backing up files on your Mac.

1. Get Backup Pro:

This is an advanced application, which allows all users to keep their data safe. This app comprises several backup approaches like “clone”, “simply copy”, “versioned” and “incremental”. This application offers a sterling opportunity to recover files if anyone deleted them inadvertently from your computer. Furthermore, if you need to return files back to any other device, you shouldn’t install the application once again on this device.

You’ll find here everything you need for the safety of your documents. There is a free trial version allowing every user to see this app in operation. You will test its functionality and decide whether it meets your demands or you need anything else.

Get Backup Pro is endowed with the following features:

• Folder Synchronization. The app enables you to sync everything in one place. Even if you wish to use the bidirectional synchronization, you’ll have all your files updated on both machines. This is the simplest way to sync all folders with another Mac device.

• You can choose what files to back up. Users of this software product can pick what folders they wish to save. In some instances, you don’t need to save and protect all files on your computer (you don’t need to store them for years). You can use this cross-functional program with the aim to save only some folders.

• Bootable backups. This option enables users to move their files to a new disk. This procedure is fast and easy: you just need to get a backup disk and copy files.

• Conduct Incremental backups. This feature allows you to do the compressed backups and reduce the size of all archives. Otherwise stated, you can easily cut the size of all files up to 60%.

• Scheduled Operations. To use this option, you should set the time and the app will continue running without your interference. As soon as the app completes its work, the Stealth Mode will automatically close it.

• You can recover files to any computer. In some instances, your Mac may go out of order, or any other disaster may happen. In this scenario, your highly-valued documents will also be saved. You will have a chance to restore files on another machine (there is no need to install the app or buy a subscription once again).

2. Acronis True Image:

This is another powerful tool, which will help you back up your personal data on a local disk. The app has a cloud-based service, which means there is enough space to store your docs. Nevertheless, this program is not cheap. If you wish to make use of its benefits, you’ll be made to pay $49.99 for the subscription. The app has a simple and understandable interface, which is not packed with a variety of distracting icons. With True Image, all of your files will be synced.

3. Backblaze:

This is another interesting tool, which allows Mac users not to care about the safety of their folders. This is a high-quality online service, which allows all users to back up their device to the service of Backblaze. It offers a 30-day trial version (this time is enough to see whether the app meets your requirements or you need to keep searching for other solutions).

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support some formats.

If you wish to add an additional layer of safety, you can use a password, consisting of 6 digits. In this scenario, every time you wish to open folders you need to enter this password.


All these software products are high-quality and irreplaceable tools for any user of Mac computers. If you really care about the safety of your data, it is high time to install a powerful tool and not to worry about the safety of important files!

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