Why Are Men Attracted to Girls With Big Butts?

There are many shapes and sizes out there when it comes to female body types, and all of them have their appeal to other people. However, there’s one opinion that we’re finding is becoming more and more common amongst men: they like girls with big butts! What is the reason for this phenomenon, you might be wondering? Here, we take a look at the reasons why men like girls with big butts.


Women take a lot of pride in their behinds

If you’ve ever taken a look around the gym, you’ll always see a woman working out to increase the size of her booty. It’s human nature to want a strong shape, and a flat butt just doesn’t cut it. This is why there are so many popular exercises that focus on boosting the size of the glutes in a healthy way, like squats. However, there are also other ways to get the butt looking great, like the butt enhancement creams found at hipsandbum.com. When a woman has a great butt, she feels fabulous so why not show it off?


Women with big butts are smarter

It is a proven fact that women with big butts are more intelligent than their flat-butted counterparts. It sounds ridiculous, right? In actual fact, a study has been conducted at the University of Oxford that shows that not only women with bigger behinds are smarter, but their children also show higher levels of intelligence than children born from women who are slimmer and less curvy.


Big butts are a sign of health

Not only are women with big butts smarter, but the same study showed that bigger bottoms are also a symbol of health. Unlike excess fat in the stomach and gut area, which can lead to all sorts of health problems, a bigger bottom and thigh fat has been associated with lower levels of cholesterol and glucose, and can also regulate leptin levels which helps fight diseases like diabetes. Lower body fat is protective against diseases and unhealthy conditions so build up the butt if you want to live a long and happy life.


Attraction to bigger butts is biological

The science also agrees that the attraction to bigger behinds is biologically driven. A different study found that men are intrinsically attracted to women with a spine curvature of about forty five degrees, which makes the butt look bigger. The theory behind this is that the curvature that leads to a big booty also ensures that pregnancy will be smooth and healthy, so while this may not be something a man is consciously thinking about, on an instinctual level, this may be what is driving their attraction.


If you’ve been struggling with the size of your butt, you’ll be happy to know that not only are men more attracted to women with bigger bottoms, but it’s good for your health as well! Now you can stop obsessing over making it smaller, and instead, begin to celebrate the glory of the bigger bum. Knowing the reasons why men like women with bigger butts will give you the confidence to turn heads wherever you go.


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