Joe Miralles Trio – Narrow Path

Glorious Night is the first track on Narrow Path, the new album from Joe Miralles. The hopeful vocals and taut drum, bass, and guitar arrangements makes for a track that is equal parts 1990s alternative and 1970s singer-songwriter. While this introductory single would easily make its way onto radio  / playlist rotation, I feel that the backing instrumentation far outstrips the quality of the average radio track. There is a density to this arrangement that will ensure listeners continue to find new twists and turns even five or ten plays in.

Blue has some impressive guitar work that begins the track, after which the bass and vocals rise up into prominence. The act is able to whip in more of their influences during this second song on the EP; bits of Bon Jovi and Springsteen can be heard during this outing.

Narrow Path is an absolutely epic track that looks to the halcyon days of progressive rock and John Denver-esque storytelling to make for a cut that will resound loudly with listeners long after the EP ceases to play. It is during Narrow Path where the vocals take a focal point; standing boldly above the instrumentation, these vocals are able to easily connect with fans.

I Owe You has a traditional sort of sound that succeeds to a bouncy bass line, charismatic vocals, and on-point piano and drums. A bit of strings added into the mix establishes I Owe You as a late-album track that is nigh-perfect.

Break would be a great track to introduce fans of Umphrey’s McGee or NRBQ ; there is a bit of jam band mixed into a funky 1970s rock backdrop. The tracks on Narrow Path provide a solid introduction to the Joe Miralles Trio. Make it a point to check out their main domain or Facebook for more samples of their music and updates/news from the act themselves.

Top Tracks: Glorious Night, Narrow Path

Rating: 8.4/10

Joe Miralles Trio – Narrow Path / 2018 Self Released / 5 Tracks / Domain / Facebook

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