What to Include on a Day Out to Niagara

If you’re visiting the Toronto area then you have to take a trip to the famous waterfall that splits America and Canada: the Niagara Falls. Less than two hours and 140 kilometres away from the city, the sight makes a beautiful day trip for those in the area. If you do plan to stop by this wondrous sight, there is much more to do than just looking at the falls.

1) Niagara Falls Museum

A huge draw of the area besides its beauty is the history surrounding the falls. Thankfully, you can see that history through the exhibits presented at the Niagara Falls Museum. The structure, built in 1874, was once Stamford Township Hall. Close to the water and other local histories, the museum is a great place to stop by if you’re looking to learn more about the site before heading to see the water.

2) Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

While visiting, you can stop by North America’s largest indoor water park, entertainment complex, and hotel. There are four luxury hotels on the 20-acre land. The park has a variety of waterslides and pools. The park is also home to a beach club and play areas. There is a range of packages you can choose from to get the experience you need.

3) Cave of the Winds

You can get even closer to the falls by descending 175 feet into the Gorge with your poncho and souvenir sandals. Once down there, you’ll walk along the wooden deck until you’re within arm’s reach of Bridal Veil Falls. The mist from the cascading waters will wash you up as you look out at awe-inspiring sights.

4) Skylon Tower

If you get hungry while out on one of the many Niagara Falls tours from Toronto, you can stop by one of the two levels of fine dining. Both restaurants stand 775 feet above the water.


There’s the Revolving Dining Room, which rotates 360 degrees, and the Summit Suite Buffet Dining Room, which is the more family affordable option. Skylon Tower is also the home of the Ride-to-the-Top and the Indoor/Outdoor Observation Decks. The tower also has the “Legends of Niagara Falls.” The movie is a 3D/4D attraction about the falls. The Family Fun Centre is also a great source of entertainment for every age.

5) Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill is a center for all entertainment and food around Niagara Falls. Clifton Hill can be found just a little bit away from Horseshoe Falls. The Street of Fun is the place for sightseers, families, and couples. You can also take a trip down the Niagara Speedway or ride on the Skywheel. The Skywheel is Canada’s Largest Ferris wheel, which can give you an amazing view of North America’s natural wonder.

6) Illumination

Each day at dusk, there’s a light show on the water. The falls are transformed into a multi-coloured masterpiece. The lights for the show are housed in the Illumination Tower, on the roof of Table Rock Centre, and deep in the Gorge. This creates a breathtaking sight that you simply can’t miss.


The waterfalls are also sometimes lit in custom colours for a short time to mark any significant dates and is used to support charitable events.

Why Visit Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls is a wonder that you can’t miss. Straddling the US-Canada border, the collective waterfalls spill six million cubic feet of water over its edge every minute. The largest fall, Horseshoe Falls, is located on the border while the other two, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, are on the other side in the United States. The view of all three is unlike any other.

Whether you just need a quick trip away from your hometown or are taking in the sights around Toronto, Niagara Falls is simply something you can’t miss. To get the full experience, don’t go alone. Getting a tour guide is well worth the money. A guide’s experience in the area and knowledge about the falls will give you a special experience.


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