The Best Cannabis Grower Gives 7 Tips From Professionals

Marijuana, too many, is commonly known to be a drug used to get one high. However, little do some people know that it also provides some health benefits. It constitutes two major compounds which are THC and CBD. The THC compound is known to get people high due to its psychoactive properties while the CBD compound is known to be medically beneficial. It has non-psychoactive properties which thus enable it to be used for medical reasons. For instance, it can be used to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety, reduce pain, alleviate cancer-related symptoms, and to reduce acne among others. For one to enjoy the medical and recreational benefits of weed, they need to ensure that the plant grows in a healthy environment. All the necessary growing conditions need to be available such as air and water. Additionally, they need to be well taken care of. This helps the plants to grow healthily thus guaranteeing one quality produce.

However, when it comes to growing the marijuana plant, some people are often bound to make mistakes which cost them a lot. Not only do they produce poor quality buds but also their produce goes a lot to waste. For instance, providing the plants with too much temperature and less water makes them produce poor quality marijuana buds as well as to trim cannabis. Hence, when trying to consume the yield, most people do not get to enjoy its benefits. Contrariwise, using the ideal marijuana growing tips guarantees one quality produce and good harvest. Below are some cannabis grower tips from professionals on how to grow the best marijuana.

Top shelf genetics

Every plant has its genes. They do not change. However, one can determine the effects and appearance they want from their plants. How one grows, their plants can make a difference. Weed plants buds can be dense, sparkly, purple or pink, and potent among others. So, it is upon one to determine the type of buds they want. And, to achieve this, one has to begin growing their plants with the right top shelf genetics. It will help them get quality buds hence they will get to enjoy their hard work. Do not grow your marijuana with dreaded bag seeds, clones, or mid-grade seeds. Ensure you choose the right strain such as online seed banks or get them from a reputable weed breeder.

Light for cannabis

Light is essential when it comes to growing cannabis. Great buds need plenty of light. Commencing your growing process with top shelf genetics guarantees one higher grade weed that is the resilience, yields, and potency. But, limiting the plants to lights hinders one from getting higher level quality of weed. One needs to use powerful grow lights such as HPS or LEDs. They help produce big and dense buds. No growing skill or plant training can make quality buds as one cannot control the amount of light produced by incandescent bulbs. Another similar problem incurred by growers is using small CFLs to grow a large plant. CFLs are great lights for producing quality products. They are good for discretion and stealth. However, it is fundamental that one selects the appropriate lighting for the growing process. Strong, bright light is important during the flowering stage as it helps give healthy buds. Indoor cannabis requires more light too. Strong light guarantees high bud potency, yields, and density.

Add nutrients

Marijuana plants need to be given nutrients for the buds to have great potency. And, before doing so, one needs to ensure they use the suitable base nutrients in the flowering stage. Below are some of the flowering stage tips nutrients to add to the marijuana plants.


Phosphorus is essential in flower production. Cannabis plants need to get plenty of phosphorus to produce more flowers.


The essence of nitrogen in growing marijuana plants is that it helps support vegetative growth. Nitrogen is added during the second half of the flowering stage. It is not important in making buds hence low nitrogen should be added. Too much nitrogen discourages the production of buds thus contributing to low yields.


Potassium helps increase the density and size of each bud flower.

Generally, adding fewer nutrients in the flowering stage augments or improves the taste of the buds. This is because high nutrient levels have a chemical associated with the final taste of the buds.

Tips to increase terpenes and terpenoids

Terpenes are plant chemicals  which produce the smell and scent of cannabis plants. Terpenes help add flavors to spices. Also, it creates the scent of some flowers. Terpenoids are a class of terpenes. A unique combination of the two when produced in marijuana flowers cause most of the taste and smell. Increasing terpenes and terpenoids can help enhance the taste and smell. To increase them you can;

  • Add special nutrients and supplements.
  • Use proper light quality.
  • Grow in living soil.
  • Adjust temperature and humidity.
  • Flush before harvest.
  • Harvest with the appropriate technique.
  • Drying and curing.

Temperature conditions and humidity

Temperature conditions and humidity levels need to be maintained. Cool temperatures contribute to rotting buds which can thus kill the plants. Higher humidity levels during the vegetative stage reduce the levels of salt in the plant while encouraging the healthy growth of the buds.

Air circulation

Air circulation is crucial when it comes to growing marijuana. Many indoor growers need to ensure that their rooms get sufficient air since it helps provide quality buds. The plants need to receive enough air to enable them to grow healthily.

Final step – drying and curing

To enjoy the benefits of your harvest, the plants need to make it through all the lifecycle stages of the growing process. All the growing stages are important when it comes to growing marijuana. But, the most important part of it is the drying and curing stages. These come during the harvesting period. One does not need to ask what does good weed look like. Harvesting your crops using the appropriate method guarantees quality yields and a great harvest.

In conclusion, when growing weed, one needs to ensure they do not apply the common mistakes they usually do. For instance, one cannot grow weed in a closed room where there are insufficient air circulation and lack of light. The plants need to receive them for them to be healthy and guarantee a good harvest. The best way to grow marijuana is by using the tips discussed above as guidelines. These tips will help you ensure you get quality produce and a great harvest. So, do not overlook anything and ensure you use the tips above.

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