Wlady & T.N.Y. feat lossa drop hot new Single

Wlady & T.N.Y. compile vicious beats and supple grooves in a titanic new dance track titled “Beatrice,” allowing singer Iossa to convey love’s endearing spirit through a collection of lyrics that bond with the musical backdrop elegantly. “Beatrice” isn’t the first time that Wlady & T.N.Y. have made beautiful music together, but it could be considered their most prolific single to date in terms of sonic virtuosity. In this song, the pair explore their shared passion for amplifying subtle details into evocative gems that are strung together to create an atmospheric patchwork of melodies. Iossa doesn’t disappoint on any front, throwing in a dash of intimate poetry to complete this rollercoaster of harmonies and heroic beats that come at us from every conceivable direction.

This has got to be some of the most refined club music that I’ve heard in a long time, and I would even say that it bears a strong resemblance to the trance scene’s more underrated indie offerings. From the get-go, it’s obvious that we’re supposed to be focused on Iossa’s vocal stride, but it’s difficult to ignore the pulsating percussion that is pushing him through the song. “Beatrice” isn’t cold, but it’s definitely a calculating piece, deriving all of its charms from the complexity of its arrangement instead of from its enormous hooks exclusively. I’m not discounting Iossa’s singing here at all; without his lyricism, this might be a little more stock in terms of how it fits in with the output of Wlady & T.N.Y.’s peers. To a certain extent, Iossa makes this track the class act that it is.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNIMLnpSvy0

Multilink for streaming & download here: https://SMI.lnk.to/BeatriceWladyTNY

Even with all of the rampant electricity that frames every nuance within the musical profile of “Beatrice,” nothing about its tonality feels synthesized or disingenuously produced. The primary reason why I’ve been as reticent to gravitate towards this kind of electronica in the past has been because of a perceived lack of legitimacy in the instrumentation (particularly in comparison to rock or jazz music), but that isn’t an issue with Wlady & T.N.Y.’s music. Their sound is as unfiltered and loaded with tonality as anything else that I’ve listened to in the last couple years, with the key difference being that I remember hooks like those found in “Beatrice” long after I’ve forgotten those of other EDM songs


You don’t have to be a disciple of electronica to appreciate just how magnificent a musical specimen this single is, and really all of the releases that these three consummate artists have shared with us in the past. On a certain level, this is actually more accessible than most EDM simply because of Iossa’s rollicking verses that inject a shot of adrenaline into the emotion within the song and drive it home for those of us who need a bit of structure to really get into a dance track. No matter what your personal taste is comprised of, this is top shelf producing that deserves to be respected. If I were the betting type, I would have to say that this isn’t the last we’ll hear from any of these supreme talents.

Kim Muncie

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