It’s become almost impossible to understate how important a good friend has become to everyone’s life. Even when you don’t find the need or necessity, it’s just comforting to know that there is someone who is willing to always stand by your side.

Obviously, that goes both ways but that doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally show them how truly special they are to you. And what better way to do that than to surprise them with an amazing gift on their special day, their birthday.

But, when it comes to someone as close to you as your best friend, you can’t simply choose the most attractive or the most expensive object. Sure, they would probably still appreciate it but that’s also what everyone else would do.

If you are really close with someone, you’re bound to share a special bond with them that nobody else does. So, why not use this opportunity to showcase that special bond even brighter and bring it to life?

Try to give your gift a personal feel. Something that reflects small pieces of your lives. Something that both of you can relate to. Your goal should be to pass on your feelings to your friend through a physical and real-world representation.

While you don’t have to break your bank for this, you should still try and choose the best quality you can afford.  

Here are 7 great suggestions to help you pick the right gift for your best friend.

  1. A good book

    You can never really go wrong with this one. As the famous saying goes, “A good book is like a good friend”. It not only gives them the opportunity to experience a different world and learn from it, but it also stays with them forever, just like you would.

    You can pick from thousands of amazing books. You can choose something that hits close to your own lives or something that you believe has valuable lessons that can help make your friends life better.

    A reader would wholeheartedly appreciate this but if they’re not; well, this is a good time to start!

  2. Coffee mug

    If your friend is a coffee lover or just someone who likes beverages in general, this would be a great way of reminding them of your love.

    Choose something with a design that you think they would love or if you want to get more personal, you can order something with a custom painting that holds a symbolic meaning specifically for the both of you.

    A coffee mug is often something that people use a lot in daily life and no matter how much attention they pay to the mug itself, the design you chose is certain to catch their eye once in a while and remind them of you.

  3. A scarf

    Another classic that is almost always guaranteed to be close to your friend. Choose something with comfortable material and custom-made design that would hold a special meaning to your friendship.

    The scarf is especially close to a person at all times when they’re using it and every time they hold it, weather during sadness or delight, it would remind them that they have someone to share it all with.

  4. Collage

    Collage is the art of showcasing a concept or a timeline using pictures or fabrics pieced together onto one or more backgrounds. In this case, you can use it to beautifully showcase all the special moments you both shared and gift it to them in a physical form.

    The best part about this is that it’s completely handmade. Everything is from your own effort and you get to choose and include every little detail that is important to the both of you.

    This not only makes for an exciting piece of art but also gives your friend a chance to relive all those moments every time they see it.

  5. Pair of shoes

    A good pair of shoes is probably the most underrated part of anyone’s daily outfit. If your friend is someone who is in need of a new pair or is just someone who is generally careless when it comes to foot ware, this would be an amazing birthday gift option.

    The importance of having proper shoes really comes out when going for something like a hike and your friend is going to thank you in their mind every single time they use those.

  6. A handbag/backpack

    Most people use a handbag or a backpack as their daily driver. It’s essential for them to carry their books or other things around. This would be a very thoughtful gift and a great gesture at the same time.

A good quality bag will last for years and it’s also something that stays with the person on most days. It’s a great way to add more value to their life.

  • A wireless headset

    Probably the most expensive item on the list but also probably the most comforting and convenient object to have, especially if your best friend is a music lover.

    They could use it pretty much anywhere and anytime since there is no hassle of dragging wires along with it and it can come in quite handy in times when they feel rather lonely.

    Couple this with a small music collection of your own and you have basically set yourself up to always be there to comfort your friend.

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