Fairwood Brothers – (Theme from) East Plains: Get Out! [Patumwa Mix]

The Fairwood Brothers are able to make a trippy rock / visual composition that brings together CKY, Monster Magnet, Frank Zappa, and the Butthole Surfers. A slightly-gritty set of vocals acts as a solid counterpoint to the sizzling dubstep-infused synths on the track. While the track eats, shoots, and leaves within 3:30, there are just so many different twists and turns that listeners will continually find something new ten or fifteen spins in. A modern day blend of “Mexican Radio” and “Frontier Psychologist”, (Theme from) East Plains is fun, intricate, and will permanently impress itself upon listeners after a solitary play.

Fairwood Brothers ft. Tukar Garaj and The Young Fairwoods “(Theme from) East Plains: Get Out!” [Patumwa Mix] / Domain

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Author: James McQuiston

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