The Bobbleheads dish out an electrifying slab of authentic indie rock


The Bobbleheads dish out an electrifying slab of authentic indie rock in their latest single “I Really See You,” and it’s really got both critics and fans abuzz from one side of the country to the next at the moment. In the colorful and surreal music video for the song, viewers become as entranced by the kaleidoscopic visuals as they are by the cerebral quality of the music, which much like previous efforts, is exquisitely produced with a keen eye to subtle details often ignored by the band’s peers. “I Really See You” is, without a doubt, some of their sharpest stuff yet.

Rhythmically, this track sports a really swinging beat that demands a physical reaction out of anyone within earshot. The chorus is riddled with a super-addicted hook that is melodically woven into the violent beats in an ode to the stop/start dynamic made famous by the Pixies. The drums are stylishly appointed with a muscular finish in the master mix, echoing the cratering thrust of the main riff, but they never intrude upon the vocal track. For as much action as “I Really See You” boasts in its instrumental content, it’s very meticulously arranged as to allow us the chance to fully appreciate its complexities.

The video for the song is cinematically chic and vividly shot in high definition clarity, but its neo-psychedelic treatment of the narrative here is perhaps its most alluring feature. Frame by frame, we’re overwhelmed with imagery that is almost as textured and surreal as the music playing in the background is, and even in more conventional scenes where we’re simply watching the band play, it feels as if we’re experiencing a dream instead of merely watching a music video. It’s postmodern and quite engaging from beginning to end, and better yet, it’s not even moderately pretentious in nature.

There’s as much emotion in the instrumentation of this song as there is in the lyrics themselves and, in many ways, the video captures the zany energy that unites the two brilliantly. The Bobbleheads aren’t afraid to embrace humility and explore the depth of their songcraft from every angle, and their dedication to the music is more than evident in this single. 2019 is gearing up to be a pretty big year for these guys, and even a cursory listen of “I Really See You” makes it clear as to why they’re garnering as much attention as they have been recently.

If you’re looking for some smart alternative rock to soundtrack your spring with, I would highly recommend checking out both the single and the music video for The Bobbleheads’ “I Really See you,” as it not only encapsulates the mammoth talent that this exciting band brings to the table, but it further exploits their incredible tonality for all that it’s worth. This group possesses the melodic sting of Overwhelming Colorfast and the sublime intensity of The Ramones, but their sound is truly their own. Mainstream alternative rock has been producing some hit or miss results in the last few years, but in the gilded underground, The Bobbleheads are dispensing the exact type of unpolluted riffage that we need to get by right now.


Kim Muncie

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